SandersandWeingarten.jpegIn watching the Our Revolution online event tonight supporting Keith Ellison, who is being put forward to head and implement past due reform in the Democratic Party, there remained the proverbial 800 lbs gorilla on stage with Ellson in the person of AFT President Randi Weingarten.

Weingarten, whose career heading AFT exemplifies the same contradictions in supposed values versus actions that now plagues the Democratic Party, while continuing to remain unaddressed even after the recent drubbing at the poles.

Weingarten and AFT have systematically abandon falsely targeted teachers and cooperated with their removal on false charges and the premeditated dismemberment of public education without objection, while tacitly supporting the 1% corporate agenda of the exclusively profit motivated corporations in their incessant move to privatize public education for profit and the further dumbing of America.

Tonight at the AFT sponsored event, no notice was ever taken by Sanders, Ellison, or any other person of good will, who truly wants to fix the Democratic Party, but seems inexplicably blind to the open and obvious corruption that a Randi Weingarten or other members of the traditional Democratic establishment's leadership that has continued unabated, while selling out the supposed Democratic Party's core values enumerated by Sander in his speech tonight.

This has gone on for so long now that the Democrats core constituencies- those who voted for Obama twice- have now seen too many cross over in disgust and support Trump and a Republican agenda, which in reality is completely antithetical to their true interests. And none of these "reformers" wonders why, when the Weingarten answer is standing next to them?

Although Bernie Sanders eloquently laid out what the Democratic Party platform has been about in the past and should be about in the future, which the vast majority of all American of either party support and which a Republican Party is completely and utterly in opposition to, it seems that none of those wanting to reform the Democratic Party seemed willing to address the blatant 5th column within the Democratic Party represented at the event by the likes of a Randi Weingarten, whose career, like much of the existing leadership of the Democrats has always put their personal self-interest ahead of either the rank and file of their union or the best interests of the average working person.

This is why Republicans now continue to dominate all levels of both state and federal government, not because they are liked, but rather because of the blatant hypocrisy that still continues to run the Democratic Party, while habitually only offering its voters the lesser of two evils.

As much as I like Sanders, he never seems to address or reconcile this contradiction, even though the personification illustrating why Democrats lose and Republicans win was standing right behind him on the stage in the person of AFT President Randi Weingarten.

It is my contention that Democrats will continue to lose the vast majority of state and federal elections, because those like Randi Weingarten remain in Democratic Party leadership and in the pocket of the 1% they really serve in their move to privatize public education and any other area of our economy where the profit of the 1% continues to take precedence over the will and needs of the majority of people in this country.


Trump is nothing more than a reality show which is exactly what America wants rather than face any real realities. You may not know, but he did a stint for the WWE, Wrestle Mania, or some other version of sports entertainment for unevolved adults. In fact, for all of his boorish ass kissing over a few months he was elected to the hall of fame for fake wrestlers. Now you could excuse that episode given the viewership. But how about a reality show presidency? More of what America wants. And given the choice between the democratic party and a buffoon making faces, they'll pick the buffoon every time. And for a lot of that, the blame falls on the democrats.

As George Wallace used to say so often in the 60's and 70's during his three runs at the democratic nomination and while the nominee for the American Independent Party, when it came to the democratic and republican parties, there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two. How prophetic. Seriously, when we say "neo con" or "neo lib," we're essentially saying the same thing. So why should there be much difference in their platforms other than variations in language. So ask yourself will the democrats attempt to revive their old identity or will they simply make themselves even more into the republican mold with a few variations for appeal? If Weingarten is any sort of omen, we know the answer. And of that supposedly well educated membership she represents on paper? Apparently, they simply elect and reelect the same opportunists to serve as their union officers, hence leadership. So I'm waiting for the surprise, the unexpected, the unpredictable. Let me find a calendar so I can time it.

The problem is that I actually believe that Bernie Sanders is an honorable man, who truly wants to reform the Democratic Party. For me, the essential problem he faces is in being able to separate people like himself from hacks that still inhabit and dominate the Democratic Party. Ironically, it is a big part of why Sanders is not a Democrat, but an Independent, who just happened to caucus with the Democrats for pragmatic reasons.

I personally believe that the Democrats like the Republicans are too infected with corporate money and influence, which makes the strongest argument for a true new 3rd party. But the issue of money in politics and a likely reinforcement of the Citizens United decision under a Trump presidency makes any viable alternative not very likely in being able to create the nuance of a multi-party parliamentary system where coalitions are necessary in order to rule through compromise. But again, the de facto corporate coup d'etat that has now existed in this country for many years now more than likely forecloses this option for political evolution of our political system that seems well on its way to leading to the extinction of democracy in America.

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