Trump.jpgComparable rules apply In dealing with the human body or the body politic. When the threat of sickness and dysfunction is present in either of these systems, look out. Whether it is the normal T-cell immune response to the the invasion of the human body by foreign entities, which can cause disease and death- if left unchecked- or the checks and balances immune response built into our constitution as a limit on power by our Founders to protect the body politic from that which, if left unchecked would destroy our democracy. Both involve the dismantling of normally functioning immune system responses.

In science's search for cures to the diseases that afflict the human body, science is now concentrating its research on why in time one the body could identify and neutralize or eliminate the threat to the body, but in time two these disease-causing factors are now able to succeed in overpowering the underlying system.

I would argue that the most important factor in allowing an opportunistic infection like Donald Trump to infect the body politic of this country is the unbridled power that now exists to nullify the checks and balances built into our government under the constitution. The landmark Supreme Court case of Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission has now given to corporations a blank check. Corporations that used to exist at the will of the sovereign now have created a political reality where the sovereign exists at the will of the corporation. This cancer-like corporate entity has overpowered what should be the normal immune response of the body politic with a corporate goal concerned only with growth and ever increasing profits at any cost. Isn't such unmoderated growth the classic definition of a cancer?

The founders of our country understood as a first principle that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So they divided how power was handled in the past in a pre-democratic absolute monarchy context into three parts in order to avoid the abuse of individual rights:

Legislative Power

Now when there is no restriction on how much money a corporation can spend on any candidate in any election, prior distinctions of Democrat or Republic and the diverse opinions they had in the past lose any meaning, because all incumbents know that if they do not exclusively follow corporate party line, they will face a corporate financed opponent in their next election, who will have at least four times as much money to spend on their campaign than the incumbent has. Not a system designed to nurture the desired haggling process and compromise of a healthy body politic in a functioning putative democracy.

Executive Power

In the race for president we have come to accept choosing who we vote for from the lesser of two evils, where the issues that are really of concern to the country, like corporate power, education, and endless war are never discussed nor is the voter ever given the option of voting for NONE OF THE ABOVE as they are able in a parlimentary democracy.

Judicial Power

With the presidential appointment of ultra-conservative Neil Gorsuch and the likely further packing of the judiciary and other branches of government by Trump with an ultra-conservative majority for the foreseeable future, this might just assure anything challenging the corporate profit-at-any-cost agenda from ever be challenged.

Furthermore, the domination of all three branches of government at both the federal and state level in a manner that has no problem with the denial of science by alternative facts, which creates an environment where the destruction of public education to stop the formation of a knowledgeable electorate, the gerrymandering of the electorate to fix election results, and the general preferential treatment given corporate interests is no longer capable of being challenged in any meaningful way.

Given a corporate dominated reality where the word progressive can no longer be applied to Democrats and Republicans working together to hammer out a new pragmatic synthesis of ideas, which they did in the past, that truly reflects what is best for this country and the world, it is not surprising that Trump disease now afflicts our body politic. What is hard to understand is why liberals still believe that a Hillary Clinton who took millions from the banks and Wall Street would have been the lesser of two evils. Arguably, an obnoxious Trump is more likely than a corporate-business-as-usual Clinton to finally inspire open actions of meaningful defiance that can no longer be ignored by corporate interests with impunity.

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