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One question liberals not only seem unwilling to address, but will actually become downright nasty if you persist in asking it is: Why continue to do the same things that experience has shown you will not bring about any measurable change, while continuing to avoid doing things that history has shown actually do work?

After seeing a magnificent documentary by Harvard's Professor Henry Louis Gates entitled Black America Since MLK- And Still I Rise I felt compelled to reach out to him, because I wondered how he could remain content in reporting the systematic destruction of Blacks and other poor minorities in this country, whose lot is not getting better, but rather worse?

What follows is the brief correspondance I shared with one of his assistants:

Professor Gates,

I strongly believe that finally ending pernicious discrimination in our society begins in what remains our purposefully failed and still segregated public schools, that are well on their way to being privatized by corporate owned charters for the exclusive purposes of making obscene corporate profits, while further dumbing down this country, so that people are no longer educated enough to sequence together enough thoughts to understand what is actually going on.

For the last 7 years, since I was removed from my teaching position at the Los Angeles Unified School District for reporting that students were being graduated and given diplomas, even though they had low elementary-level academic skills, I have continued to write about this phenomenon with over 700 posts at my blog Perdaily.com and at City Watch LA.

Although your documentary Black America Since MLK- And Still I Rise is an excellent exposition of the factors leading to the preprogrammed failure of my students, it does absolutely nothing to finally change things for the better, which would actually be a rather straightforward and far less expensive process.

I know you are busy, but would like to talk to you about finally organizing a proactive response from our silenced majority that finally does something more than just respond to the latest predictable Betsy DeVos outrage from our well-organized opposition that knows exactly what it's doing and how to systematically accomplish it.

One such proactive action that might finally get some measurable change would be a boycott of public schools around the country, since this would immediately cut off average daily attendance money from the state and federal governments. Churches and retired teachers might be used to reestablish classes off the school campuses until we win.

One line from your documentary jumped out at me. Neither you nor Oprah went to a segregated school. Imagine what the students I have taught in South Central Los Angeles might achieve, if they got the education you, Oprah, and I received. I don't think we would see the violence in our streets nor 1 million African Americans behind bars.

But if you educate Latinos, you lose your cheap labor force. And if you educate Blacks, this country will finally have to deal with the reality of over 400 years of systematic decimation based on the fantasy of nurtured inferiority. It would also cost the corporations that are presently running the prison-industrial complex million, when their source of virtually free slave labor is cut off.



Dear Mr. Isenberg,

Professor Gates, unfortunately, does not have the time to commit to such a huge reorganization of the educational system. At this point in his career, he plans to focus on his work at Harvard, his writing, and his film projects. While he appreciates your frustration with the system as it is currently operating, he is unable to join you in this effort.


Terri Oliver

The Office of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Hutchins Center for African and African American Research

Harvard University

104 Mt. Auburn St., Floor 3R

Cambridge, MA. 02138

Dear Ms. Oliver,

Contrary to what you are saying, making the film on Black history takes far more energy than what I propose. And what I am proposing could finally bring about long overdue profound and quantifiable change.

If Professor Gates was willing to network with the famous people he knows and others who would join him like Reverend Barber in North Carolina or Matt Damon and John Stewart, whose mothers are both teachers and know the negative present reality of our purposefully failed public education system, that never sees the light of day in the corporate controlled media, things might finally change for the better. Left unchallenged by our action as the silenced majority, corporate interests are succeeding in privatizing public education for profit and the further dumbing of America with no effective opposition.

When Dr. King and the civil rights movement was dealing with a segregated public transportation system in Selma, Alabama, where 70% of the riders were Black, they had as a first principle the fact that they knew they could bankrupt this segregated bus system, if they refused/boycotted public transportation- that's why they won. Because when push came to shove, even racist White Southerners love money more than racism, which was made no longer profitable by King & Co acting effectively.

Professor Gates limiting himself and his insights by merely describing the historic plight of Black Americans up to 2017, where a purposefully failed public education system remains in place, while continuing to be the primary factor for putting one million African Americans in prison, is tantamount to making a film about a Holocaust, instead of finally spending far less energy to finally bring it to an end.

I must confess that I took notice of Bank of America's willingness to produce Professor Gates' film and wondered if they did so because they saw it as no threat to their abysmal and no longer acceptable status quo that continues unimpeded in destroying the lives of my students.

My students are dying, while continuing to be subjected to a school system that gives them neither the vocabulary or critical thinking skills necessary to reach their potential.

I know Professor Gates is busy, but reading some of what I have written at www.perdaily.com and City Watch L.A. might make him aware of an inner city reality that is far from Harvard unconsciousness:




Thank you for your time,


If any of you understand why good people like now upper middleclass Professor Henry Louis Gates continues to steadfastly avoid doing that which would give real meaning to everything they have spent their lives trying to understand and change, please comment below. Or better yet, why not reach out to Professor Gates or Professor Diane Ravitch or any other liberal academics who seem content to go to their graves without disturbing a status quo they despise.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:


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