Car radio.jpgThe systematic and purposeful dumbing down of American public education over the last 40 years at places like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and their non-functioning equivalents throughout this country is having a profoundly negative effect on the elimination of people's ability to understand and act in an educated and intelligent manner consistent with their ability to survive in what is now rapidly becoming a series of endless- and now in the short term- ecological disasters. Case in point, Hurricane Harvey.

Our public [non] education system has created an ignorant and compliant population that is no longer intellectually capable of sequencing together enough relevant facts and events, based on academic learning, to prepare themselves for truly understanding in context the catastrophic events like Hurricane Harvey that are happening with greater and greater frequency and magnitude around a world that most Americans can no longer even find on a map.

As what is clearly a prime symptom this phenomenon, the candidacy, victory, and presidency of Donald Trump has only exacerbated this Tweeted-know-nothing-militant-ignorant attitude, when it comes to addressing and understanding global warming, which has only counterintuitively seen the number of people who now deny global warming double, since being bolstered by the denial of their leader President Trump. This even though literally 99% of scientists tell these folks that global warming is real and that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return from which we will not be able to turn things around even if we want to, if we wait much longer to start addressing this problem.

As devestating as Hurricane Harvey has and continues to be with damage in the billions of dollars, it might just be a blessing in disgust, if it can finally get know-nothing conservative deniers of global warm to finally see the light- through the incessant 50 plus inches of rain that now some are literally drowning under.

One must only wonder how solidly conservative Texas and other Southern bastions of Trump supporters will remain as once every 10,000 year catastrophic ecological events like Harvey become annual occurences. Might it finally occur to these folks in the 2018 elections, to what has up until now been unwavering fundamentalist support for Trump and company that, "He who troubleth his own house shall [literally] inherit the wind [and the rain and...]."

In Houston and elsewhere in Texas and Louisiana, people still didn't leave, even though what they were being told unequivocally what was inevitable in terms of the unprecedented magnitude of Hurricane Harvey. Nonetheless, it still remained unbelievable to them, because without education they had no frame of reference to contextualize the catastrophy they were about to be hit with. Bangaladesh and other places like it that had already been subjected to such unnatural disasters had only been briefly mentioned in passing on a news they neither watched, read, nor understood.

There's a rather new and insightful joke circulating around Houston these days:

How do you get your car's radio to work after your car has been flooded by Hurricane Harvey? You Bangala desh


08 2017

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One way to try and get this out there is to point out that there will be no "recovery" or rebuilding in Houston, Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the future, because this presupposes that the same disaster will not happen again next year and in the foreseeable future with greater frequency. San Francisco had a major earthquake in 1906. Does anybody really believe that south Texas or Puerto Rico with 87 degree ocean temperatures will go over 100 years without another super power hurricane like Maria or Harvey? Natural disasters, war, and other major social disruptions in history presuppose a subsequent respite between these disasters and the next to rebuild and amortize that cost over time. But the very notion of global warming is that it isn't going to get better, but only worse until we address it on an international level. Reporter Chris Hedges already thinks it is too late. I can only hope that he is wrong, but he wont be for long, if we can't get those in power to deal with it.

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