Tribalism.jpgIn only the most recent examples of our longstanding and what appears to be endemic confrontation over race, ethnicity, and equal rights our most ancient and primitive roots of these continuing problems- that causes the human specie to continue underachieving its potential- clearly remains unaddressed and intact.

This social malaise in one form or another is merely tribalism, which resides in all species based on the notion that We is better than You, no matter what any objective assessment of reality might tell us to the contrary. And even if not strictly better, a tribal mentality's gut feeling is that it is still not possible for We and You to do well at the same time, even if the scarcity that originally defined this pattern of behavior eons ago is no longer our shared modern reality.

Unlike other species, man, whose societies that have become more and more complex over the ages, has further socially extrapolated the tribal phenomenon way past any more primitive notion thought of and employed by simple homo sapiens or those concerned merely with ideas of race and ethnicity or any other basis for division that might immediately come to mind.

Now, all prejudice, hatred, and clearly fabricated adversarial interests blissfully continue unchallenged to do is negatively permeate many other aspects of human society that one would not immediately take cognizance of. And yet if we only looked at these more mundane expressions of what can reasonably be viewed as the modern version of tribal interests continuing to take precedence over objective truth, might we not finally see just how counterproductive human behavior in these areas has become? And this simply because we continue to fail to address it? If we did, might we not finally put more virulent forms of racism- justified by artificial scarcity- behind us?

Let me offer two unlikely examples of this modern form of tribalism, where We is still put before You, even though it might not immediately be apparent, productive or necessary:

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and many other districts like it around the state have taken a position to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation. Whatever position you personally have on the subject of undocumented immigration, does anybody really believe that LAUSD administrators and bureaucracy is doing this because it cares for this predominantly Latino population of students, who it nonetheless continues to socially promote through school without basic skills, socialization or education to almost certain failure?

I would offer a much more likely, reasonable and common sense reason why the WE LAUSD administrators and bureaucracy have taken this position- it's about LAUSD jobs and vendors' profits. What percentage of LAUSD students are undocumented? If LAUSD's budget was cut by this percentage after removing undocumented students from the system, how many LAUSD administrative jobs and how many obscenely lucrative vendor contracts would have to be cut, because there would no longer be the same size student population- documented or undocumented- to justify the same level of average daily attendance (ADI) and other money from the state and federal government to allow this continued level of funding?

One can find this same bureaucratic self-dealing and obfuscating of objectively verifiable truth in the private sector as well- no matter how much business continues to disengenuously claim it puts customers first:

Over the last few days, I experienced the same phenomenon of modern (corporate) tribal self-interest being put above easily verifiable truth. Every month I normally receive a retirement check from Social Security that is electronically transferred into my account at First Financial Credit Union. Over this last weekend, the money showed that it was "pending" and not as yet available to me in my account. On Monday, the money was credited to my account. However, on Tuesday it literally disappeared. It did not show as pending. It did not show as credited. It just didn't show. On Wednesday, the money miraculously reappeared. But since in all my years of banking, I have never had money disappear, I called the credit union and asked them what happened?

Not only was I not given an answer, two of the three people I talked to refused to acknowledge what had just transpired and seemed to view my simple questioning as to what had happened to the money as a personal attack on the FFCU (First Financial Credit Union)- their tribe as employees.

It was not until I had the tenacity to hang in there on what seemed as interminable hold and talk to yet another supervisor that I finally found somebody who understood the possible ramifications to FFCU of money just disappearing from an account and what this might mean to the credit union in another context, if such a weakeness in their system might be employed in a more financiially consequential scam on FFCU. The supervisor said she was going to FFCU's tech people and she would get back to me. Any odds on whether I hear from any member of the FFCU tribe in the future?

In whatever form modern tribalism manifests itself, from a social to a commercial context, what is key to maintaining this counterproductive system that continues to feed tribal prejudice is an artificially fabricated scarcity that continues unfettered and unquestioned to squander the fruits of an industrial revolution that if correctly employed would have literally eliminated any quantifiable differences between tribes, while maybe at the same time addressing global warming- a threat to both We and You.

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