With the unprecedented damage caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now Maria to Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico I find it strange that literally nobody in either the government or media is willing to even suggest what might just be the irrefutable reality and truth of our future: Have we come to the time when no human being can reasonably be able to continue living in places like Puerto Rico or Houston?

Throughout human history, whatever the magnitude of either natural or human caused disasters like earthquakes or war, there has always been the core belief that although things might be difficult, we could always rebuild that which has been destroyed.

What has never occurred to our species in the past, but which might very well be today's unprecedented reality and our present and future, is that places like some areas of Texas, Florida, and most assuredly Puerto Rico they might never again be habitable in the future due to human caused and carbon fuel based global warming that is not only not getting better, it is actually getting worse, when measured in terms of rising global temperatures- like 87 degrees Caribbean ocean water- and the ever increasing havoc it is now causing with greater and greater frequency.

But simply put, does anybody really think that with scientifically verifiable worsening global warming we will go for any extended period of time in the future without the recurrence of hurricanes with as much or greater force than hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Maria? And yet this is never addressed by government or the media- why?

Given the unprecedented damage that Puerto Rico has just sustained and given the astronomical costs of rebuilding there, how long would you have to go between hurricanes to reasonably amortize and recuperate reconstruction costs? Might this now make continued human habitation there impractical?

Native Americans and other "primitive people" have always known that you must walk softly on the earth, because the earth is the giver of life. The problem with Western society, religions, and philosophy is that we have believed that we were created by G-d and are, therefore, exempt and not subject to the immutable rules of nature. Will we see the error of our ways in time or become the next mass extinction of an otherwise beautiful and creative species?

Hopefully we can learn in the not to distant future to be primitive enough to survive- if we still have the time.

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