LAUSD Board.jpgFor the generationally entrenched and exclusively self-serving LAUSD administration and their vendors that own them, the collection of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money from the State and federal government for students present at school- whether they are learning anything or not- will always trump any other consideration, even if students across this country are trying to assert their more than justifiable safety concerns about what seems to be the ever more frequent use of guns to kill students on school campuses across the country.

While a walkout by students across the country would seem to be an excellent way to express this concern and further a democratic dialogue in the best tradition of democracy about possible viable solutions with their walkout, predictably LAUSD administration is against it, because it would clearly cut into their collection of Average Daily Attendance (ADA), which regrettably is their ONLY concern, since it would further negatively impact the money available for their vendors to exploit with purposefully inflated and dishonest contracts that gouge and often charge LAUSD two and three times market value in a public education system that has been captured by these same vendors and their law firms for what is now generations.

While LAUSD opposition to the proposed student boycott on March 14 to protest gun violence on school campuses is only the latest attempt to bring about positive change and some small measure of any kind of accountability at districts like LAUSD, one could also have seen the same LAUSD obsession over the sole issue of money available for dishonest vendors when it came to the issue of undocumented alien students at LAUSD, which represent a significant percentage of LAUSD's total student population. In that case, putting LAUSD's desire to collect ADA for as many students as possible- no matter what their legal status- was really the true concern of LAUSD administrators and not any real concern for these undocumented alien students' well being. Just like now when there really is no compelling educational purpose to keep these students on campus under these clearly exceptional circumstances.

What is most disconcerting and astonishing about this captive financially and educationally corrupt to its core system of public education at LAUSD and elsewhere around the State and around the country is that literally no attempt is made to cover up the corruption. But with a corporate owned commercial media that refuses to investigate or report on it and a foundation dependent NPR and PBS that is financial dependent on these same criminal elements for 56% of its budget, there remains a predictable complete blackout of this in all media with the exception of more and more progressive blog sites on the internet that are now trying to organize the silenced majority that clearly wants a better and more accountable public education system that serves all their needs and not just those of dishonest vendors and their attorneys that have up until now been left to unimpededly exploit public education for their own questionable financial needs.

And finally, when one looks at the profile of those students who have brought guns on school campuses around the country to kill their fellow students, it is clear that the vast majority of these students had failed to be engaged in what could have been the productive process of education and true socialization that might have precluded their subsequent insane and irrational killing of their innocent fellow students and teachers.


03 2018

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