Ekchian.jpgFor years now, literally thousands of teachers and other certificated and classified staff that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and other public school districts like it around the state and around the country have unjustly and illegally been targeted and terminated from their careers without being given their fundamental constitutionally guaranteed rights to basic due process of law from an independent entity, where the conclusion of their guilt was not an already foregone conclusion.

For the sole alleged "crimes" of being at the top of the salary scale, refusing to give passing grades to students who are clearly not doing passing work, or other illegal and clearly fraudulent actions like falsifying attendance to defraud the State and federal government of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money, LAUSD mostly senior and more expensive employees have been fired in bad faith without basic due process of law.

What is most disturbing is that even a cursory investigation of LAUSD administrator allegations against its employees for clearly inflamatory charges like racism, improper touching of students, and incompetence would have shown that no such behaviors ever took place on the part of the charged employee. And that once an administrator like a principal made these charges against the employee, every subsequent examination of these charges NEVER conducted an independent investigation, but rather only rubber stamped the initial charges in a process that is and remains the clear antithesis of due process of law.

While it is regrettable that such behavior clearly illegal behavior continues at public school districts like LAUSD, it is nonetheless understandable with a long entrenched bureaucracy like LAUSD's, where you literally move up the bureaucractic chain of career "success" by the sole measure of not making waves without ever questioning the actions either the actions of those below or above you.

In looking at the present supposed independent search for a new LAUSD superintendent, one can see this primary tenet of going along to get along at LAUSD by looking at the candidacy of Acting Superintendent Vivian Ekchian, who never found a document given to her that she wouldn't sign without ever engaging in an independent investigation to determine if the charges against the employee, she was being asked to sign off on, had any basis in fact, beyond what she was being told.

While such behavior is regrettably understandable within the generationally entrenched self-serving bureaucracy of LAUSD, what is not so easily understandable or acceptable is the complicity of teachers' unions like CTA, AFT, and UTLA, which make no attempt to come to the aid of their intentionally falsely charges members.

In addition, no legally mandated oversight agency like the local district attorney, State Attorney General, Department of Education, or FBI has made any attempt to expose and take affirmative action against illegal behavior that denies LAUSD's employees of their fundamental right to basic constitutionally guaranteed right to due process.

In being targeted, LAUSD employees have had a hard time processing and accepting that this system is so corrupt, so they have mistakenly limited themselves to responding to the protracted and neverending charges against them in forums that LAUSD determines and controls. This must come to an end.

The following linked document is a writ that seeks to finally hold districts like LAUSD accountable for their clearly illegal and often criminal behavior that up until now has gone unscrutinized in the courts. Feel free to use it as a template for your own action.Amended Writ Curcio PERB (1).pdf One can only hope that targeted LAUSD employees and others will finally get the message that this is not going to go away without proactive litigation against illegal behavior that LAUSD makes no attempt to hide. Feel free to upload your only legal actions against LAUSD to this site in the comments section.


04 2018

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