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Facing a $468 million bugetary shortfall by 2021-22, LAUSD officials are now seeking a $610 property parcel tax to raise approximately $500 million annually. But given the two-thirds majority vote that would be required in November voting this year or in November 2020 to pass such a parcel tax, it is doubtful whether such a parcel tax would pass voter muster. Having once been a history teacher for LAUSD, before they fired me for being a whistle blower who reported they were fixing grades and attendance, let me see if I can give you a little short LAUSD history lesson about how LAUSD's endemic financial corruption should hopefully motivate you to get out to the polls and vote AGAINST any such parcel tax, because of LAUSD's clear record showing this endemically corrupt entity more concerned with the well being of its vendors and entrenched overpaid bureaucracy than it is with the education of the predominantly minority students that have the misfortune of being continually socially promoted through LAUSD's longstanding corruption without receiving even basic academic skills in this yet segregated public school system that literally makes no attempt to educate them.


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Given the hundreds- if not thousands- of teachers that have been sued by LAUSD for allegations of overpayment due to LAUSD's changing teachers' salary payments- without proper government approval- from an annual tenthly to a twelfthly payment under the supposed justification that teachers are not capable of budgeting themselves over what had been an unpaid summer, when they were not working, one must wonder if LAUSD's purpose all along has not been to go after hundreds of teachers for alleged overpayment after the District fired them on completely fabricated charges.