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If you compare predominantly minority filled and long failed Detroit public schools with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), there is only one glaring difference- LAUSD has been run by a better bunch of liars than Detroit.

There is now in Detroit a class action lawsuit brought against the State of Michigan for allowing "...systematic, persistent and deliberate failure to deliver instruction and tools essential for access to literacy...which serve almost exclusively low-income children of color..." This is exactly the same reality that has and continues to exist at what remains de facto segregated LAUSD for generations now. But at LAUSD they just fix the grades and falsify the assessments, while continuing to socially promote students, irrespective of their objective academic levels. LAUSD's unofficial motto seems to be: Out of public sight, out of mind, especially for White folks who don't have their children trapped in these LAUSD failure factories.

The fundamental problem with large school districts like Detroit, LAUSD, and others like them around the country is that their leadership is disproportionately determined by their vendors...and their vendors lawyers, whose most important concern is not the quality of education being given to each student, but rather how much money they make by being the exclusive- irrespective of inflated price- vendors of goods and service to these school districts.

By merely establishing an independent entity to independently assess the true level of student achievement, this longstanding academic and financial fraud could be brought to a quick end. But White folks who have the political capital to bring such a change to fruition have no skin in the game and are not "superior" enough to see how much this purposefully failed public education system is costing them for a public education system they abandon years ago.

In Detroit, which is no different than LAUSD, when it comes to past administrative malfeasance, new Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says students in the district were used as "political pawns." Vitti says, "Detroit public school policies were racist, because they never would have been accepted in any predominantly White suburban school district in this country. Vitti claims students in some Detroit schools were denied a basic education and literacy by poor management of their school district. Sound familar to an LAUSD that has been teetering for years on the verge of bankruptcy, which is clearly attributable to ongoing administrative fraud?

No objective and independent measurement at any time, as to how students are really doing in school, has ever been instituted at an LAUSD or Detroit. If a truly independent federal bureaucracy like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was used to audit the actual academic and financial actions of school districts that are presently controlled by their vendors surrogates in the school districts' administrations, schools would undoubtedly get better.

In Detroit, "only 5% of 4th graders can read at or above a [4th grade] proficient level. For 8th graders, the level only rises to 8%." The true results are no better at LAUSD, NYC, Chicago or other minority dominant districts.

One of the most virulent and destructive aspects of still alive and thriving racism in this country is that it has created no expectation of excellence for minority students. This low bar exists not only among those who still believe in their racial superiority, but also in the minds of those minorities who have suffered racist systems of public education being practiced against them for generations.

What is most positive, about this new class action suit being brought on behalf of mostly minority children remaining trapped in longstanding and poorly run and failed Detroit public schools, is that significant numbers of people are no longer willing to just accept it.

One realizes just how racist America remains in 2018, when you understand that once and for all fixing public education would be a whole lot less expensive than maintaining what remains of the purposefully failed public education we continue to maintain in defiance of logic. But a whole lot of vendors continue to get rich by bleeding LAUSD and they will not stop until being compelled to do so- if that's still possible in the trumpian surrealistic reality we presently live in that continues to pack the federal courts with more and more judges that see and hear no evil.

The social promotion of students to higher grades, when they haven't mastered the grade-level standards of the grade they are in, has tacitly been based on the now clearly false assumption that holding students back from their age group would do worst irreparable harm to them than socially promoting them irrespective of their actual academic level. No consideration in the past and present has ever been given to the facts that: 1.The longer you wait to try and get a student caught up to their grade-level in school, the less likely you are to succeed; 2. What are the clearly avoidable costs to our society that could be had, if young people were merely educated to their potential in a timely manner? Clearly, this failure is the root cause of why we spend so much now on an unnecessarilly expensive and corporate owned juvenile and adult criminal justice penal system overpacked with unnecessarily undereducated ex-students from Detroit, LAUSD, and elsewhere, that presently compete with public education for the limited state and federal budget resources? Simply stated, people educated to their potential in a timely manner are less likely to be a financial burden on society. Rather, you would call them taxpayers.

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