Kavanaugh.jpgThe most compelling and yet ignored argument supporting that Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh had impermissibly sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford and other women is that these actions are most consistent with his uncontested male chauvinist upbringing and consequentially resulting legal beliefs against women's liberating birth control. Kavanaugh and his like-minded supporters seek to use the law to ignore and negate scientific accomplishments in birth control, because they would finally put women on an equal footing with men by giving them control over their bodies. Up until now women have literally been left throughout human history holding the [amniotic] bag for men's uncontrolled and too often violent sexual actions against them. Roe vs. Wade and birth control have methodically moved to change this.

Now several generations into a myriad of birth control options and a Roe vs. Wade right to abortion, if other less intrusive methods of birth control fail, is the ability of women to finally and equally express their sexuality without having to risk conception... unless they choose to.

On the other hand, the older baby boomer in me still has problems with what has now become the all too casual and inherently dangerous nature of hook ups between millennials and the greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases that this now exposes both men and women to.

With men and women finally forced to safely collaborate in the expression of their individual sexualites, for the first time these dangers are now being faced by men and women as equals, where a new loving "us" entity- that is safe and satisfying to both partners- can now be created in an unprecedented equally shared bliss.

Finally, this truly woman's liberation #metoo movement that is finally confronting the ancient female oppresssive patriarchy, will ironically do as much for men like Kavanaugh as it does for women. While one is tempted to blindly hate the mindless injustice that men like Kavanaugh have perpetuated on women, since the beginning of recorded history and before, one should also take notice that the Kavanaughs of the world have likely never enoyed the truly unequaled sexual and emotional bliss that comes from two equal partners safely coming together in the expression of an ultimate openness that cannot really be expressed in any other effective manner- except among equals. Who knows, this might just finally put a smile on Mrs. Kavanaugh's face.

Yes, it's not just the men and boys that have seen their sexual and emotional potential limited by a fear of sharing who they really know they are, but also young girls and women, who have continued to spend far too much energy creating a physical image of who they think they need to look like in order to attract Mr. Right, instead of nurturing there truly exquisite personal uniqueness that in the long run will last alot longer than their looks.

There's a line from an old Jimmy Stewart movie that I think sums up what I'm trying to say. A young man comes to see Stewart to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, which was the custom at the time. The young man says, "Sir, I love your daughter." To which Stewart replies, "I don't care if you love you like her?

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