Abuse of power.jpgGreetings Certificated Teachers,

When you find yourself attacked by administrators in your school district, we recommend that you take immediate legal action against your employer. From the data we have collected,, (consisting of thousands of teachers, who have been unjustly targeted) we see a massive pattern and practice of age, race and gender discrimination against these thousands of teachers in the state of California and around the country.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you exercise your rights under workers compensation laws, if your physical and/or emotional state has affected your ability to teach. We also recommend that under no circumstances do you submit to the jurisdiction of the Commission on Professional Competence/Office of Administrative Hearings.

If you feel you have been retaliated against for exercising your union rights like the Williams Act, Whistleblower Act, or for advocacy, we strongly recommend that you immediately file an unfair labor practice charge with PERB. We also recommend that you take immediate action in Superior Court as the Ed Code offers virtually no protection or due process for teachers. To be specific the only 2 Ed Code protections for teachers are California Ed Code 44031, which is almost always violated- see California Ed code 44113, which is almost never enforced.

The tragedy and attack on educators in California is beyond comprehension, but understand that you are not alone, but rather one of thousands that have been systematically target. There are thousands of similarly situated teachers facing the same retaliation, gas lighting, forced retirement, emotional and psychological abuse, only because districts on the verge of bankruptcy see this as a way for these districts to save money.

The entire state of California from the governor, state senate, state assembly, Office of Administrative Hearings, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, UTLA, CFT, CTA, AFT, NEA, UESF, BFT, AFL-CIO, most school boards, and administration have participated in the attack on veteran teachers in the State of California. Thousands of veteran teachers have lost their homes, pensions, marriages, spouses, self esteem and livelihood due to this massively fraudulent scheme.

*This message is not intended for legal advice, nor should it be taken as legal advice*


Teacher Advocates



11 2018

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