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8 years after being summarily fired on completely fabricated charges by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)- charges that really have more to do with how much money LAUSD continues to save by disproportionately targeting and removing more expensive high seniority teachers- the California Commission On Teacher Credentialing (CTC), after renewing my credential in 2012 and 2017 has finally gotten around to moving definitively to lift all my teaching credentials.

The fact that the statute of limitations in this matter- and hundreds of others like it- ran years ago, making such an action no longer legally viable, seems to be lost not only on CTC, but also on the California State Attorney General's Office (AG), that is functioning as the CTC's attorneys in bring this action against me in what appears to be a clear conflict of interest for an AG's office that is supposed to independently function as California's chief law enforcement and oversight entity for agencies within the state like CTC and LAUSD.

I was wrongfully terminated by LAUSD in November 2010, but nonetheless renewed my teaching credential in 2012 and 2017 with no timely objection at that time from CTC, even though I disclosed on my renewal applications both times that I had been fired in 2010 by LAUSD.

It is also worth mentioning that LAUSD's superintendent was also legally obligated in 2010 to report the charges against me and subsequent termination to CTC within 30 days, which he did not do. It is also worth mentioning that CTC nonetheless contacted me years ago with threats to lift my credential, but took no timely action within the statute of limitations to do so. Rather, CTC turned my case over to the AG's office, which was then under Kamala Harris, who also did nothing to timely proceed against me before the statute of limitations ran.

All this is being done because of my "crimes" in reporting the fixing of grades and the falsification of attendance and the continued social promotion and graduation of students with diplomas, who remain objectively unqualified by any academic measure. Recently in response to the Offfice of Administrative Hearings (OAH) rubber stamping the CTC's present move to revoke my teaching credentials by refusing to address my claim that such OAH action was barred by the statute of limitations.

Recently, I filed a writ of mandate in Superior Court in Los Angeles, case # 18STCP02549 assigned to Judge Chalfant to compell the CTC to stop trying to lift my credential, when the statute of limitations has already run.

This week I filed a second case for my friend and fellow targeted senior teacher Francisco Arellano, who spent 3 1/2 years in Teacher Jail, and who CTC is also belatedly trying to lift his credential after the statute of limitations has also already run.

It occurs to me that there are hundreds of other targeted senior teachers out there that might want to also file an action for a writ of mandate in Superior Court to stop CTC from illegally lifting their credential. If you are one of those teachers, please get in touch:


In addition, we do not recommend that you leave the future of your livelihood in the hands of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA). When the administration of LAUSD threatens your job with poor performance reviews and or suspension, the health effects are devastating.

Therefore we highly recommend that you file an unfair labor practice with Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), and simultaneously seek relief in Superior Court. The office of administrative hearings is a kangaroo court designed to terminate expensive veteran teachers. Therefore it is not in your interest to lend yourself to the jurisdiction of the OAH, where the result of the case has already been predetermined.

The health effects, when the employer attacks the employe are numerous and well-documented. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you enforce your medical rights in as many venues as needed. In addition, please understand that you are not alone, thousands of teachers have been attacked by the administration of LAUSD and other corrupt public school districts from coast to coast.

After analyzing the California Ed code, we surmise there only two Ed code sections that protect teachers. One is California Ed code 44031 and the other is California Ed code 44113. One deals with the disallowance of secret personnel files (see Miller vs. Chico California State Supreme Court 1979), the other deals with whistleblowing.

The rest of the Ed Code is designed and intended to promote arbitrary discipline with no objective justification or proof. These relevant Ed Code section include California education codes 44660 through 44664, 44938, 44939C, 44934, 44932, 44934, and 44944.

The collective bargaining agreement cannot save you from arbitrary discipline enforced by the corrupt administration the Los Angeles Unified School District in collusion with UTLA. If your professional standing has been threatened try emailing your contact information to the contact below. In Berkeley, they've had some success turning it around and would be happy to help you. What have you got to lose?

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