Caputo Pearl.jpgI can't think of a better way of accelerating the corporate takeover and privatization of public education with corporate run charter schools than UTLA going on strike at this time. This is not to say that the issues UTLA has raised leading up to the strike are not valid, but going on strike at this ttime without a clear and mandatory prerequisite of organizing LAUSD parents to support the strike by keeping their children out of LAUSD schools has not been put in place.

This could have easily been accomplished by giving these LAUSD parents a safe and easilty organized viable alternative as to where they could send their children outside LAUSD schools to "alternative classes" organized by UTLA, using retired teachers, in churches and other private venues.

And of course, if this was done and these students didn't show up at an LAUSD campuses during the strike, LAUSD would not be able to collect Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money from the State and federal governments, which would put financial pressure on LAUSD administration to quickly settle the strike by giving UTLA and its teachers what they have been most reasonably demanding.

Under these circumstances, charters now pose a real and viable alternative for LAUSD parents as to where they can send their children, if they don't want their children sitting in regular LAUSD classrooms run by administrators and non-teachers, more than willing to cross UTLA's picket line.

So why would UTLA's President Alex Caputo-Pearl and the rest of the leadership at UTLA take its teacher rank and file out on strike under these circumstances and without organizing LAUSD parents by giving them a safe and continuing education of their children alternative? The answer is both simple and sad.

One need only go back to the period which then Superintendent John Deasy gave Caputo-Pearl and the 7 out-of-classroom candidates for becoming officers at UTLA release time during school hours to run for office. This put in a leadership at UTLA that is and has been in the pocket of the District ever since.

Most of the leadership at UTLA are ex-LAUSD employees that are already fully vested in State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) or other benefits. In addition- and most telling- they are now employees of UTLA and not LAUSD with a benefits package that they are already vested in whether or not this strike ultimately destroys the union. And one must wonder just what silver parachutes Caputo-Pearl and the others have in place in the event of the final demise of UTLA due to this strike?

For the last 40 years, corporate profit motivate interests have very carefully laid the groundwork for the destruction of public education with a system that puts corporate profit over what should be the only raison d'etre of public education, which should be the educational formation of America's future citizens to a point where they are intellectually literate enough to understand what is going on in this country in the context of history- something that is on the verge of being totally eradicated in yet segregated and measurably inferior public education at LAUSD and elsewhere in this country.


01 2019

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Mr Isenberg:

Why not go ask the Mayor in Los Angeles to now explain why he, and the City Council and the Board of Supervisors and Staffs have all claimed “not my job” to meddle in the affairs of “KIDS FIRST” enrolled at LAUSD, while LAUSD has failed to be in compliance with at least California Education Code Sections 48200, 48240, 48245,48262, 48321 and 49061; which if LAUSD had been in compliance, LAUSD would not have been reporting some 300,000 per year Habitual Truants, “KIDS FIRST” not in school, creating a loss for added attendance revenues; leaving now KIDS who are possibly in the streets of LA during school hours, ignored until after they first might commit a crime, or become a victim of a crime, including Child Abuse scenarios at a School or in a Home?

This failure as to not be dealing with ED Codes, has left LAUSD therefore also not in compliance with the 2012 Proposition 30 promise for “Accountability”; now dubbed the failed Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF); having in part having LAUSD failing to transfer the burdens of KIDS not in school to Local Government (City and County offices), as remaining numerous promulgations ignored, which if dealt with could have avoided this Teacher strike in the making – get the picture?

Asked differently, if a student is worth up to $15,000 per year in State funding to LAUSD, how accurate are these numbers below; and the ones reported by LAUSD to avoid a bankruptcy for State Attendance Funding, is an added question no one at LAUSD, LACOE or the CDE will answer?

Which begs the added question, are the “class sizes” as reported in the media, a strike issue that is in dispute, based on Average Daily Attendance counts or based on Enrollment counts, leaving empty seats in the classrooms, if currently LAUSD reports a 50% Habitual Truancy Rate, since the $1.3 billion 2012 IPAD scandal, when we learned “we the people” were property taxed for classrooms never built based on Enrollment Counts, including Charter School students, perceived to have been processed in error?

Note that the California Department of Education is reporting that about 73% of the Latino Kids from Los Angeles Unified School District were Chronically Absent, some 55,000 Kids not in schools in excess of 10% of the year, for the year just ended June 30, 2018, and about 15% of the African American Kids, some 11,000 also Chronically Absent, most ignored until after they first potentially commit a crime, begs the question if is this acceptable to your readers, as to what LAUSD Administration calls implementing the promise for “Accountability”, as promised in 2012 when “we the people” voter passed Proposition 30, now dubbed the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)?

Get the picture, how a Governor Brown and others in State Government scammed us in 2012 into voting for Proposition 30, that if passed promised “Accountability”, never implemented; and maybe now you can go ask these “not my job” Elected and Staffs’ to “fix” this “not my job” mentality of others in State and Local Government (City and County offices)?

Thanks for your help.
Thomas D. Carter, CPA – aka Mr. Flashlight shining his light on the truth

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