LAUSD Board.jpgThe following article is regarding an LAUSD teacher named Edward Carter(LAUSD DOCS WHISTLEBLOWER (1).pdf). Mr. Carter engaged in clearly protected activity by recording via cellphone a student throwing a ball toward Carter's head and torso area. Mr. Carter reported the incident to his site administrator and gave the administrator a copy of the video from his cellphone. According to the letter, site administration deliberately hid the exculpatory evidence from the senior administration and school board of Los Angeles Unified School District, which lead to Mr. Carter being dismissed as a teacher from LAUSD.

In the above referenced document regarding Mr. Carter, the General Counsel now asks the board to rescind Carter's termination from May 7 of this year. To reiterate, the teacher in question had a ball thrown at him by a student. (PE Teacher). The teacher recorded the incident on his phone. The student lied and proffered a different chronology of events, and the teacher gave the video to the site administrator, who covered it up and never gave it to his District superiors.

The teacher ended up getting fired by the LAUSD Board. Then, before the OAH (Office of Administrative Hearings) via discovery, all of a sudden the video surfaced showing the teacher was innocent the whole time. And there is no evidence that Mr. Carter received his legally mandated due process open hearing under the Brown Act to clear his name, before being fired. This is primarily due to explicit abuse of CA Ed Code 44939 and Appellate Court ruling Kolter v LAUSD.

In addition to violations of CA Code 54963 (a) and (b) for improper disclosure of these records, we also have evidence of wrongdoing by LAUSD Administration, General Counsel's Office, and the Governing Board of LAUSD.

As has been previously reported by myself and others, Los Angeles Unified School District has been executing a fraudulent scheme to terminate older veteran teachers without due process and by arbitrary illegal means for years. This herein recent disclosure is probative evidence of exactly this state of affairs. As an independent state agency PERB, and or other agencies, should have intervened in this matter- and it's still not to late.

This experience of Mr. Carter is in no way an "aberration," but rather it has become- over the last 10 years standard operating procedure as part of LAUSD administration's fraudulent scheme to get rid of older, top-of-the-salary scale teachers. But in this case the fraud could not continue, because of the surfacing of the exculpatory video evidence. Most teachers are not as fortuitous as Mr. Carter.

However, it should be mentioned that there are literally thousands of unjustly targeted teachers- myself included- who had clear and convincing evidence of the fabrication of evidence against them or the hiding of exculpatory evidence, like in Mr. Carter's case, that were nonetheless unjustly and illegally terminated and blacklisted, while also having their teaching credentials revoke by California Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Yes, LAUSD does not act alone and could not unjustly terminate older, more expensive, senior teachers without the active participation of many complicit regulatory agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

One might wish that if LAUSD was not corrupt, the handling of Mr. Carter's case might put some administrative authority in LAUSD or elsewhere on inquiry notice as to whether the same illegal behavior in Mr. Carter's case has been used in thousands of unjustly targeted and fired senior teacher cases in the past and present.

Don't hold your breathe, because if LAUSD was finally held accountable, it would be the last straw necessary in taking cognizance of LAUSD's financial, legal, and moral bankruptcy- something the State of California doesn't want to have to deal with, because of what it would do to the State treasury. Alas, the longer this goes on without redress, the worse the ultimate academic and financial crisis will be- kind of like global warming?


Well, well, well the beat goes on. Note that this article didn't mention UTLA? No one is more complicit than our union. UFT, CTA, CTC, CTU,TFA, DOE,and all those agencies and unions above it and the district are in on this scam which is a direct result of a bargain the district blew and the union has to cover up because it's supporting neoliberals with teachers' dues. Neoliberals are covert privatizers who sees the expense of teachers as a threat to profits. They want to lower their status and fill the positions with temps who work off student loan debt in classrooms. Think about it. The interns admit they're over their heads, the schools become destablized and there's no education possible in that kind of chaos. It's barely possible now thanks to the union and districts divide and conquer BS. Gates, Broad, Walton Apple and other billionaires are plotting to swiper the funding for public schools. They have already done so.

Over time the student and families of Los Angeles will suffer when teachers refuse to mentor or support education in any shape or form. The public is ultimately to blame for not caring about teachers when so much effort, preparation, and sacrifice was given to teach the public. They were so quick to use and cheat teachers out of crumbs of a stable existence. I would never recommend that anyone dedicates any part of themselves to such a unscrupulous bunch of ungrateful people - some of whom were taught by the very teachers up for dismissal. Never fatten frogs for snakes- and you should have known it was a snake before bitten. This people were busy asking teacher to teach at twice the rate so they could be replaced by administrators friends and family. Contracts meant nothing to these folks because they had a displacement agenda.Unfortunately many of the honorable people in educational leadership were replaced with people with political motives. When the teacher shuts down - they have a heavy load.

Don't blame "the public." They are also victims of this yet segregated public education system whose corporate purpose is to maximize profit, while dumbing down the American public, so that they don't have enough of an education to understand what's really going on. You don't get a Trump with an educated American citizenry and a free press not owned and controlled by 5 corporations.

Been a big lawsuit about this. Geragos was litigating and found massive age discrimination esp b4 you get your lifetime medical. Unfortunately, the ctc is corrupt as well. At our school, the administrator was removed after many, many complaints, including having students video tagreed teachers and attempt to antagonize the teacher into illegal activity. Principal also violated ed code by forcing teachers to work an extra half hr a day unpaid. Whistle blowers were targeted, removed, attempted to fire or transferred. Those who sued got some relief. Teachers were also harrassed, assaulted by students, and principal kept kids in class and intimidated the teachers! This site would be better if it provided legal resources

The problem is there are few if any legal resources willing to go up against LAUSD's legal deep pockets, especially when the CTC, Attorney General, and others at all levels of government are unwilling to hold LAUSD accountable. Why? Because so doing would push LAUSD into bankruptcy, which would require the State to take over and clean up the mess- something they don't want to do.

They have been targeting older, high seniority, and more expensive teachers for the last 12 years to get rid of them and replace them with $60,000 a year cheaper 20-somethings working on an emergency credential for $35,000 a year and much cheaper benefits. LAUSD revoked my lifetime health benefits after telling me years earlier that I had already vested, because these benefits would have cost the District two to three hundred thousand.

Forming a non-profit corporation funded by all the older teachers around the country, who have been or are in the process of being terminated, to fund and indemnify the attorneys necessary to seriously go after the District and UTLA- which makes it possible- is the only way this will happen as opposed to the present reality where LAUSD in litigation can bleed and stall longer than a targeted teacher, who is buried with legal process for years of LAUSD expensive stall.

Did you know that disgraced lausd school board member ref rodriquez was on the CTC board from 2013 until 2018? we had 5 teachers from one school file formal complaints against a principal, in a school in rodriquez's district, and all were dismissed without investigation. coincidence?

Hi Leonard
I am one of those veteran teachers who was targeted by the principal at Olive Vista Ms in sylmar, ca.
I resigned in June 2010 and then was notified by the CTC to appear in Sacramento for a hearing in 2015 where CTC decided to suspend my credentials for 15 days!
Do I have any legal recourse to clear my lausd record?
Who can I contact? Thanks!

I think the primary targets are senior MALE teachers. Females are allowed to take advantage of LAUSD benefits. For example, the late Michelle King was with the district for over 30 years making far more money than the targeted teachers.

There must be some political reason for the targeting because LAUSD is too big to fail.

LAUSD is not too big to fail. But when it comes to who gets sacked between teachers and administrators, do you have any doubt as to who gets the ax first? And if you get rid of a few thousand more high seniority teachers, the overpaid administrators become immune. And of course the State or feds turn a blind eye, otherwise they would have to clean up the LAUSD bankruptcy mess, if they took notice of what is clearly going on that is illegal and immoral.

I agree with everything you write here and in general. However, we do not refer to it as "global warming" any longer, Mr. Isenberg. It is "climate change"...

I thought I was imagining things, but now I see I was right. It’s been happening at my location.

And if you and I now know the magnitude of LAUSD disingenuous targeting thousands of teachers at the top of the salary scale on false charges to save money to avoid LAUSD bankruptcy, don't you think Caputo-Pearl and UTLA know as well and yet have done nothing? Unavoidable conclusion: UTLA administration is in bed with LAUSD administration, since they are both cut from the same cloth of people who got out of the classroom as quickly as they could to go where the money and power are- actual good unsegregated public education is their last concern.

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