Amber Guyger.jpgThe exclusive remedies of guilty or innocent that the Dallas jury was given as their only options in deciding the Amber Guyger- Botham Jean murder trial could never have been adequate in achieving justice, because they never dealt with the overall racist society context of this regrettable situation in arriving at its verdict.

What's becoming more and more prevalent in various areas of complex conflictual situations in our society is that an inadequate, exclusive, and often simplistic yes or no option as the exclusive possible choices offered makes true justice an impossibility, unless the underlying historic and subjective context of such an encounter is also taken into consideration. This was not done at the police officer Amber Guyger trial.

Amber Guyger mistakenly and negligently walking into the apartment of an innocent Botham Jean's and killing him with her service revolver is clearly homocide. But are there any relevant circumstances that might explain this unreasonable- and at the very least- grossly negligent action on the part of Officer Guyger?

While never mentioned at the trial, arguably the single most relevant factor that contributed most to Officer Guyger killing Mr. Jean was her day job as a police officer, where with a 14 times greater rate of arrest and incarceration of African Americans and a 7 1/2 times greater arrest and incarceration rate for Latinos, Guyger's day to day experience had taught her that she was more likely to be in danger when dealing with people of color than when dealing with Whites. Clearly, when she mistakenly entered into Mr. Jean's apartment, this negative police-work-generated survival mentality, where Blacks were involved, was hard wired into her motor response in any situation- whether it was at home or at work.

Given that all people are created equal, what makes the negative work environment and racist response that police officers like Guyger and others around the country exhibit? The answer is found in our yet segregated and objectively inferior public schools, where no attempt is made to educate minorities to live up to their human potential in any subject.

So predictably, a disproportionate number of Blacks and Latinos leave our schools without any skill set with which they can make a living. Whether Black, Latino, or White, people without the education necessary to make a living- doing any legal endeavor- are more likely to commit crime, which we unreasonably expect Amber Guyger and her ill-prepared police colleagues around the country to deal with, without themselves being distorted and destroyed in the process.

Putting it together with another regrettable reality, could this also be a major factor why so many police officers, given a job that is impossible to reasonably accomplish under the present circumstances, are committing suicide?

One must wonder whether the murder verdict would have been the same if a Black police officer had made the same mistake for the same reason that Officer Guyger made? Should we be overly concerned that in all likelihood the Black judge and jury members who voted to find Guyger guilt of murder in someway did it as payback for the countless Blacks who have been murdered for no reason- "I can't breathe"- Eric Garner. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only creates a blind society where everyone ultimately needs dentures.

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