Avoiding The Real Issue in L.A. District Attorney Race

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In looking at the present primary race for the office of Los Angeles district attorney, between incumbent Jackie Lacey and her challengers George Gascon and Rachel Rossi, I find it astounding that none of these candidates are willing on any level to deal with the critically important and underlying real causes for why minorities are disproportionately targeted by the district attorney and police.

Clearly, if you systematically deprive Black and Latino students of their legal right to an excellent public education in their formative years in the yet super segregated (90% minority) Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in complete derogation of the 1954 Supreme Court decision in the Brown vs. Board of Education case, that said, "Separate but equal...is inherently unequal," you get "cultivated" inferiority- what else would expect.

And ultimately, if you turn these students loose on society without having given them even the fundamental skills necessary with which to make an honest living on the right side of the law, why is it so surprising to the district attorney candidates that a disproportionate number of these minority students without skills ultimately wind up in the D.A.'s face on the wrong side of the law?

It doesn't take any great intellect to make the connection between failure to educate minority students and their subsequent disproportionate and costly negative interactions with police, the rest of the criminal "justice" system, and the rest of society. And yet none of the candidates for L.A. District Attorney have dared to even mention segregation and the premeditated failure to educate as the leading factors in the avoidable subsequent criminal behavior of these students when they leave school by dropping out or with a diploma that isn't worth the paper it's written on.

And more importantly, none of them seem willing to use the office of L.A. District Attorney to go after the endemic corruption that LAUSD leadership literally makes no attempt to hide in its never ending pursuit of higher administrative salaries and benefits, while seeking greater profits for their "agreed" vendors that continue to charge them more than you or I would pay for the same goods and services- so much for the economics of scale.

Rather, in LAUSD, there is literally no expectation that Black and Latino students do well. And this reality of minority non-education and premeditate failure has existed for so long now that it even infects the minority communities themselves, whose adult leadership is for the most part a product of this same inferior LAUSD "education," that made no attempt in the past to educate them either. After all, who wants to be called "school boy."

It costs approximately $126 thousand a year to incarcerate a juvenile, while a good public academic or trade education would cost a whole lot less and create productive taxpayers.

Sadly, the L.A. District attorney's race is not the only political contest where all candidates continue to avoid addressing what's really at issue in the respective offices they seek.

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Based on the comment, I'd guess you're obviously a substitute teacher. This is from experience to which you refer. And you're right that upbringing is certainly a considerable factor and to blame the police the police makes no sense. But you're talking about a group denied equality and opportunity for generations and still being denied. And those responsible for that kind of injustice are those in leadership and that would comprise district officials, district attorneys and those like them. It took their purposeful neglect to bring those attitudes to which you refer to fruition. And they have done virtually nothing to recognize their own fault and, if anything, this leadership does all it can to galvinize their tacit racism. So I won't say "don't blame the victim" because that's not anywhere near enough.

Nobody is blaming the police, teachers, administrators, district attorneys and others, since the present results couldn't be different in a yet segregated public education system, where money continues to go everywhere but the classroom.

"Proper upbringing" doesn't take place in systematically decimated minority families, where generations have never been educated to their potential. It is not that students, parents, and grandparents, who have been socially promoted without basic skills don't want to learn, rather, they have only been socially promoted without basic foundational skills, so they can't learn. This humiliating practice continues at LAUSD without abatement and logically explains why there is a disproportion negative attitude toward "education" in these minority communities.

Not that it invalidates a single word of this editorial, but you've written almost every word of this countless times in the past. So how does LAUSD continue to get away with it? Well, the problem is that the condition is pervasive and endemic and not just incidental. Consider, as you've said many times in the past, the district employs more administrators by far than any other district in the country giving it the highest ratio of administrators to student enrolment than any other district. And they're the highest-paid administrators in the country which makes them first route for those who wish to cash in on education but don't want to teach. So an adminstrative credential and they’re off to the big time after having spent less time in a classroom than 3rd grader.
Now under these circumstances, who’s to put a stop to this? You might think the union. Well, the union is the second route of choice for those seeking wealth related to education but having no use for actual teaching. So they become a chapter chair at a school site and begin their ascent to elected office or appointed office in the union. Consequently, the union certainly isn’t going to check the district even though teacher staff has been reducted by something like 25% while adminstrative has risen by 22%.
So,again, how does the district continue along this path? No one checks it. The school board is just as corrupt to the member as is the district. The city ignores it as so state officials. In virtually every case brought against the district for slander or constructive discharge by teachers, the courts always exonerate the district no matter how compelling the evidence against it might be. The media handles the district with kid gloves. So where’s there and end to it all?
Almost everything I’ve said here was quoted or paraphrased from some previous editorial you wrote and you’ve been writing them for years well past a decade. And, still, nothing. No parents, no teachers, no public officials rising up against it. And they’re not going to. Successful greed and racism are just too powerful incentives and all that’s needed to power a rogue, racketeering school district.

Is it possible that a significant minority of students of color don't want an education, for w or whatever reason? That's my experience teaching in a predominately minority school. Don't be so quick to blame police, teachers, administrators, district attorneys and others when the problem can be solved with proper upbringing. You can't educate students who either don't want to learn, are not encouraged to learn by parents, or both.

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