Did The Cops Really Kill George Floyd in Minneapolis?

The Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: What We Know So Far ...

Merely labeling the Minneapolis police, who killed George Floyd, racist ignores the underlying real cause of these ever more frequently occurring and regrettable situations. In a reality where our society has historically only "nurtured" inferiority in our Black and Latino populations, through quantifiably inferior and still segregated public education, like LAUSD that makes no attempt to educate these minorities to their innate human potential. So the predictable result is that unformed Blacks and Latinos are more likely to subsequently run afoul of the law, when they exit school without a basic education or any legal job skills. But this predictable reality of higher percentages of uneducated Blacks and Latinos committing more crime is not politically correct to acknowledge, even when these Blacks and Latinos are terrorizing their own communities.

This means they are statistically more likely to wind up in an often life threatening confrontation with police. Given that the civil service exam score to become a cop is the lowest required of any civil servant, can you really expect marginally intelligent cops to put their lives on the line to try and distinguish who's the good law abiding minority and who's the bad guy?

In the final analysis, it makes me question just how superior the morons running this society are, since this aforementioned obvious reality never seems to occur or be appreciated by them.

The hidden and unstated reason that we continue to fail to nuture the vast majority of our Black and Latino minorities to their potential is that if we did and they soared, we would finally have to come to terms and deal with over 400 years of inhuman treatment that is the complete contradiction of our often espoused democratic and religious values.

Given this reality, let's appreciate that police have an impossible and thankless job in trying to safely clean up the mess made by others.


I'm sorry, but I must disagree with you. Your viewpoint is very similar to many people, however, it is somewhat simplistic.

From moment this started, I could not understand how it came to be that many cellphones were "filming" while the police officers were doing this.


I had worked at Warner Bros. for many years. While this was going on, this "filming" by the cellphones, the police were looking right at the people that were filming and the POLICE SAID NOT ONE WORD. This is extraordinarily UNCOMMON for the police.

The next thing was the "march." I am a BOOMER and was involved with what went on in the 1960s. I am not a "movie cliche."

I watched the first "march." First, they all met at the same time at the same place. OK. That could be explained by texting BUT after having worked for the LAUSD for over 25 years, there is NO WAY that diverse of an group at around the same age would have met up voluntarily. The age group? 20 - 27. It would not have happened.

Then, this huge crowd marched together down the same streets without any problems. Now, even when young men and women join the armed forces, it takes a good 6 weeks to have a formation of a group that size to be that well organized AND WELL DISCIPLINED. Be aware that in the US ARMED FORCES, IT IS VERY DIVERSE, FROM EVERY RACE, FROM EVERY CULTURE.

How is it that this group could meet spontaneously at the same time, at the same time, going down the same streets, in perfect time, united. OR WAS IT SPONTANEOUS"?????

It was when they went and stopped and there was this platform. And it had a PA system. And it had an African American woman between the ages of 25 and 30, and she started to speak. What was the acronym BLM? Black Lives Matter. Looking at it from the perspective of what was a slogan, it was only thee words, two have only 1 syllable. If you think about it, it is almost like a pneumonic device. Remember PEMDAS. This was not a spontaneous acronym. This was very much planned. Much like the following...

And then came the piece de resistance. Here comes the leader....Oh, she reminded me of Angela Davis. And she had a litany of slogans for the crowd. And then I knew that this was definitely all planned.

Oct. 21, 1967, Abbie Hoffman and all of his gang of Merry Pranksters that would later become known as the Chicago 7....Don't even get me started on that hypocrisy....They called for this. They all met in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Abbie Hoffman and his forever loyal "Tonto," Jerry Rubin did speak and so did writer Norman Mailer, poet Robert Lowell, pediatrician Benjamin Spock and Clive Jenkins of the British Labor Party, whose remarks were interrupted when a member of the American Nazi Party tried to punch him at the podium.

It was very similar to the "March" for George Floyd BUT... There was one difference, one major HUGE BIG MASSIVE GARGANTUAN DIFFERENCE. The PA system kept going in and out. Yes, I think that this is why Abbie Hoffman could get across to the over 100,000 strong that that they would all dye the Potomac red, burn the cherry trees, panhandle embassies, attack with water pistols, marbles, bubble gum wrappers, bazookas, girls will run naked and piss on the Pentagon walls, sorcerers swamis, witches, voodoo, warlocks, medicine men and speed freaks will hurl their magic at the faded brown walls.

And there was the Nubian Princess, Angela Davis look-a-like....Speaking her words of wisdom and perfectly heard by everyone who was immediately mesmerized by her eloquent rhetoric.

When the beautiful Nubian Princess got on the platform, speaking the melodic slogan, "Black Lives Matter," there was no static. None. You know when you are setting up a speaker system for a crowd. If this was a spontaneous March, then how could it be that there was a PERFECT SPEAKER SYSTEM? It defies logic! And so it did.

There is no way this was spontaneous. The logistics were planned, and well planned.

And what I see out on the streets of our major cities every night in not BLM, Antifa, Something? Boys, come on...I can't remember all their names....What I see....

Ana, I hope you do not take offense but I believe that you are somewhat naive not because you are not knowledgeable but because you have not lived and seen what some....just some... of the REAL BOOMERS have seen, lived, and remembered once again.

Abbie Hoffman and the Chicago 7...did you know there were actually 8 of them?.....Managed to do what they wanted to do....They managed to get over on 2,500,000 young American men. Over 58,000 would die, God knows how many paraplegics...at least 25,000....and the rest? They did come "home" to a "home" that no longer existed.

And I meant to say Respectibilty if no equality...

You are right we can't designate the good with the bad, Lenny, there are some up to par police officers out there, analytically a low score in humanity for most, however, analyzing the
underlying issues? supposedly to give Afro/Latinos Americans the slot and egalitarianism treatment needed for their own livelihood, We have heard the analytical's we are
the world hooray, hoorah's before, I guess it is simple equality for employment, schools, perhaps a walk in the park, and jogging, you would think?

I watch the news with all this lawlessness and I understand their vexation, the plummet of public schools, impoverished communities, the underlying issue is a need for betterment,
define our humanity? humaneness; benevolence. care, and dignity" here is the deal , if we are not treated as an equal that is okay, but treat us with respectability and equality, do I condone their ravage? no! this is not solving and it does not cease bigotry, we have to vote, attend our town hall meetings, deluge with our pens, fight with our voices,
In my opinion there is no nourished black and/or latino, educated or not, they fit the contemptible and always will,
they work, smile, and hope for the best while hated, and no I don't disagree with your article, however, why is it we are always the people White Americans feel they need to analyze when angry? under this universal scope as if our anger is unaccustomed,
I don't warrant excuses for us, but no one can evaluate the anger our people feel until they understand living on an empty stomach, when being who you are has to hurt, or a life you can't live, and maybe this reply will be shunned for most, people don't earn my concern if I am hated that's for sure. God Bless America, I guess.

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