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Finally Integrating Public Education Is All The Reparations We Need

Finally integrating and raising the academic level of all our schools- public and private- is all the reparations we as a people would need for this country to finally reach its potential for ALL our people. As superb writer and intellect James Baldwin and many others have known for generations, an "educated people, of any color, are so extremely rare that it is unquestionably one of the first tasks of a nation to open all of its schools to all of its citizens."

Covid19: The End Of Justice Under Law?

In the past, we were a nation bound and regulated by enforceable laws only because a super majority of our people normally and voluntarily respected and abided by the law without being compelled to do so by legal process in a court of law or by other governmental action. Covid19 has changed that, so that now there is a significant and ever increasing number of people who are gaming the system, because they know that the number of people making false claims is so large, it is beyond the ability of limited employee government regulatory agencies to effectively monitor and impede this clearly illegal behavior.