Covid19: The End Of Justice Under Law?

In the past, we were a nation bound and regulated by enforceable laws only because a super majority of our people normally and voluntarily respected and abided by the law without being compelled to do so by legal process in a court of law or by other governmental action. Covid19 has changed that, so that now there is a significant and ever increasing number of people who are gaming the system, because they know that the number of people making false claims is so large, it is beyond the ability of limited government regulatory agencies to effectively monitor and impede this clearly illegal behavior.
Many rather egregious examples of how this is done have come to my attention recently. The following are only some of those illegal acts taken by people to defraud the system:
1. The employee has either some or all of their hours cut by their employer on the books of the business, but continues to work and get paid under the table without having it reported to the government as taxable payroll.
2. The "ex-employee" now files for unemployment or other government stimulus money benefits, while continuing to work and be paid off the books by their employer. This often creates a result where the "ex-employee" is actually making more money, when their off the books salary is added to their unemployment and other government benefits.
3. The employee now stops paying their rent, because they know there is a moratorium on evictions and they also know that the city councilmen's offices charged with overseeing this no eviction policy is overloaded with thousands of claims and limited employees to deal with them, that make it impossible for them to determine the validity of any specific claim in a timely manner. It is also worth mentioning that a city councilman is clearly more concerned with the rights- and future votes- of tenants who don't pay their rent than they are with the rights of property owners, who often can now no longer pay their mortgages or other expenses e.g. utilities, property taxes, and repairs.
4. "Justice delayed is justice denied is a legal maxim. It means that if legal redress or equitable relief to an injured party is available, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no remedy at all." And yet, it has become standard legal practice to stall with expensive and purposefully protracted legal processes in even what would be the most open and shut cases, if one side has the money and they think they can bleed their opponent into settling, just giving up, or never starting a legal action in the first place. It's become too expensive and time consuming to vindicate their rights in courts that were already incapable of dealing with their case load even before the Covid19 pandemic hit.
Once they asked a recent immigrant what he had learned about America. His answer was, "There's no free lunch." This bit of knowledge is something the present scammers of the government might learn from, since it is clear that although the government can't go after the scammers now, it is also just as clear that once the Covid19 crisis has past these illegal felonies will still be actionable. Sleep tight.

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