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The Threat of Integration

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I have lived in the same house in the Miracle Mile section of Los Angeles for over 30 years, where up until now I have had little or no interaction with the Los Angeles Police Department. And yet in the last two weeks I have had two separate and rather suspicious encounters with the police. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I rent out three bedrooms in my house to three African American males friends? Let me describe these encounters for you and ask you to ask yourselves if the same police response would have taken place if my three friends/housemates were White or Asian and not African American or Latino, like one of my previous renters was.

Covid-19 In Historic Context

If we truly wanted to deal with Covid-19 in an effective manner, designed to minimize and ultimately stop its continuing -yet avoidable- murderous effects on our species, we would have to look at all the historical and scientific factors, that we have so far ignored, that have made us the prime target for such a pandemic- or other plague- that we clearly have the scientific knowledge to minimize or avoid completely, if our leaders only listened to the scientists and historians, who clearly know better. And in so doing we might conclude that what is truly astonishing is that it has taken this long for modern humans to be "attacked" by a virus or other avoidable pandemic, given the cavalier way we continue to occupy this planet as if we weren't part of, or dependent on a healthy earth biosphere.