About Perdaily

Perdaily is a virtual commons designed to foster the fundamental 1st Amendment right of freedom of association, which our Founding Fathers saw as a necessary prerequisite for maintaining a viable democratic society.

In other words, it is designed to function as a marketplace of ideas and actions where all people concerned with improving public education can learn and network. Perdaily hopes to finally create the accountability necessary for achieving superior public education from those institutions which have been charged with educating the future citizens and arbiters of power in our society.

We're new. And new websites are scary and unfamilar. The volunteer staff at Perdaily understands completely. So, just to be sure this is the right place for you and your eyeballs, we've created this handy little guide.

You belong here if:

  • Your state is, or at any point in time has been, governed by a governator
  • You can't afford private school
  • You saw this. Or this. This one and that one. This was a heartbeat away too
  • I say you do
  • You're concerned about the future of everything everywhere
  • You've read this far

That is all.