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I am a second generation teacher in LAUSD. I graduated from Monroe High School in 1964 with an excellent public school education that has allowed me to earn three college degrees: BA in European History- UCLA, Doctor of Jurisprudence- Golden Gate University, and a Masters in Education- UCLA. The exceptional education I received as a basis for my later higher education has given me the ability to be successful as a producer in the motion picture business, a professor of comparative law in France, and a social studies teacher at various locations in Los Angeles. My life experience both here and in Europe motivates me to work for the creation of a first rate public education system here in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the United States, which I unequivocally believe is the prerequisite for dealing with the myriad of problems that we presently face as a society.

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  • Susan Lee Schwartz commented on LAUSD and UTLA Collude to End Collective Bargaining and Civil RIghts for Teachers Part 1
    This is what happens in a country when the real people who bring the house down never see jail time, or even some accountability in the workplace!  The microcosm of the school bureaucracy  is identical to the macrocosm that is the political institutions. Top-down destroys the show and the guy at the bottom is blamed. Those of you who follow my posts, or go to my author's page http://www.opednews.com/author/author40790.html know I was the celebrated NY State Educator of Excellence by all rubrics, student scores, parents assessment and the National Standards research.  I have a little but fascinating story  to relate, one which...
  • Roz Noziska commented on A Crash Course for LAUSD's New Superintendent John Deasy
    My good friend suggested we keep them home from school during testing. Any thoughts on that?...

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