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Benefit & Fundraiser - Undocumented Student Scholarship Fund (Recaudación de Fondos de Beneficios - Fondo de Becas de Estudiantes Indocumentados)

(Mensaje se repite en Espanol) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Blacks are some of the first Americans, the difficulty of whose journey has not taken place in one generation, like my family, nor has it seemed to come to an end for most in 400 years. The Reverend Jesse Jackson put it well when he said, "When do we get invited to dinner." Latinos, most of whom have the blood of the indigenous people of the Americas in their veins not only don't get invited to dinner, they have insult added to injury when they have grown and harvest the dinner, built the buildings it is served in, and then clean up the dishes afterward. Those of my people who have not forgotten their own humble beginnings - like some administrators at LAUSD - and search for a better life would call it chutzpah to deny Blacks and Latinos the same dreams their ancestors came for. I once heard somebody give an example of chutzpah as something like killing your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that you are an orphan.