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The Best Defense Against LAUSD Corruption Might Just Be The California False Claims Act (La mejor defensa contra la Corrupción del LAUSD podría ser la de California Ley de Reclamos Falsos)

(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Rather than let this corruption go unchecked, I encourage you to become a little proactive and send me any documentation you might have of where the State of California has been defrauded in either the aforementioned examples or in any other manner you might be privy to: I will work will attorneys specialized in this California False Claims Act, which includes qui tam provisions enabling the recover of such money. California's law, which was passed in 1987 was modeled after the Federal False Claims Act, but since LAUSD is a public entity, they are immune from prosecution under the federal False Claims Act qui tam proceeding, but not immune from state action. The reason LAUSD administrative corruption is at epidemic proportions is because those running the district have had no consequences for ripping off LAUSD. Even if somebody is tenacious enough to stick with a clearly less than objective judicial system for the years necessary, it is clear that California's courts are loathe to hold corrupt officials at LAUSD responsible. And even in the unlikely situation where you do win a case, LAUSD and not the then retired corrupt official gets left holding the bag.


05 2011