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(Mensaje se repite en EspaƱol) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) One year ago Diane Ravitch spoke at Immanuel Presbyterian Church across from the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) headquarters. Her analysis of how the corporate agenda was proceeding unimpeded for privatizing public education and in the process getting rid of a professional teacher corp was impeccable. Again yesterday she made another insightful speech on the abysmal state of American public education, which she offered without honorarium in solidarity with teachers and in recognition of the fact that there is no rational basis for anything that the educational establishment and their political and corporate supporters continue to do in complete derogation of the public education reality Ravitch knows so well. That being said, I must say that her presentation only succeeded in depressing me even more than I already was about the prognosis for public education, because it offered no suggestion of "direct action" to impede the charter school privatization juggernaut. Lined up on one side in the approximately 30 minute presentation she made was the obscene amounts of money from folks like the Gates, Walton, and Broad Foundations, the print and electronic media parroting privatization party line, and the governors of many states, along with other local, state, and federal politicians eager to feed at the $370 billion a year ed biz trough.


01 2012

LAUSD and Superintendent Deasy- Listen to Diane Ravitch

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LAUSD and Superintendent John Deasy should listen to Diane Ravitch and the majority in this putative democracy that want the excellent public education that LAUSD has stood against for generations. The Gates Foundation and the Broad Foundation want to privatize public education and if successful will condemn our democracy to the junk heap of history if they are successful in taking education away from "We the people," who have to be educated in order to function as the arbiters of power that keeps politicians and their corporate masters in check.


08 2011