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LAUSD: Toxic Waste (Desechos tóxicos)

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(en español después) Recently retired teacher Mark Hemphill writes in to share with us what happened to his colleagues. Now that Mr. Hemphill is no longer subject to LAUSD intimidation, we can look forward to his sharing other stories about the dark side of the farce that as he points out in this post is rather toxic to ourselves and our colleagues. If you don't think you can make it to retirement before you succumb, you might consider following Mr. Hemphill by anonymously sending me a post. It has magnificent and immediate salutary effects on the human mind and body. It's my as yet unsubstantiated opinion that LAUSD is responsible for more than just a few early departures from mortality either directly or indirectly under the most damning circumstances. As an example, shortly before the passing of Patrick Hubbel, another colleague at LD 8 met his fate. John Wunderlich had been detained at the local district for about a year as last December approached. He was a history teacher at Gardena High School. Unlike most, he welcomed the detention as a relief from the abuses faced in the classroom which went unmitigated by administrators. John was meticulous about punctuality. He watched the clock continuously to arrive on time and leave on time. He followed protocol explicitly.
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10 2010

Nuggets? Fries? Pizza? School Lunches Are Doing More Harm Than Good...

On several recent posts and comments to people have wondered how our view of public education might differ from that which is presently being proposed. While a variety of our prior posts have given major dos and don'ts of such a viable plan for education reform, today I would like to take a microcosm look at only one aspect of what should go on in an American public school that would have a profound effect on the students being educated, even though it is not normally given the important place it should have in a discussion of school reform.