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LAUSD- Educating Sheep (LAUSD-Educar a las ovejas)

Given my imminent dismissal as a teacher from LAUSD by a rubber stamp of the Board in the not to distant future, I have started to scramble to try and compensate for my soon to be significantly diminished income. In this process, I have started to fix up my house and guesthouse with an eye toward renting, so that LAUSD will not be able to starve me out as they have with many of my less fortunate teacher colleagues who wound up settling or resigning, not because they had done anything wrong, but rather because they couldn't afford to fight for a public education that is truly accountable and equitable for all- students and teachers. After close to 25 years in my home, it needed some minor TLC, so I went off to Home Depot. I feel luck that I am a product of an LAUSD of a different era, when shop classes gave me the skills in automotive, carpentry, electric, metal, and plumbing to pay for my post secondary education and to presently be able fix pretty much anything that goes wrong with my house or cars. Alas, the same cannot be said of a significant number of Home Depot's younger employees, who come out of LAUSD nowadays with little knowledge of what Home Depot sells or how to use it. This is further exacerbated by the fact that their English language and math skills are so abysmally low that they are also incapable of reading and doing even basic calculations involving any of the construction departments at Home Depot. Simple calculations of area and volume necessary for determining how much to buy? Forget it.


10 2010