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LAUSD Cannot get better if the majority of Whites think like this (LAUSD No se puede mejorar si la mayoría de los blancos piensan así )

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) I received another missive from Jill1975 in our continuing exchange that started because of the Jazmine Williams article on the Huffington Post, about the Hamilton High School walkout to protest draconian LAUSD budget cuts that threaten the very existence of Hamilton's excellent magnet and other programs. As a social studies teacher and student of history, I note that historically the greatest social instability, that is often contemporaneous with the decline of prior societies, comes when not only is there a huge disparity of wealth and education, but also when the more affluent segment of society live in a fantasy land. What follows is more of Jill1975 magical thinking that gives you an insight into the all too common phenomenon of White entitlement and perceived and self-fulfilling minority inferiority, now brought to you by the fully integrated and corrupt administration of LAUSD and other public school districts around the country that continue to fail for generations with no consequences. Could it be that they have the public education system they want?. My response follows. Again, feel free to make your own comments as to what you think of what she writes:.


04 2011