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LAUSD: What Real Reform Might Look Like (Qué reforma real podría ser similar)

(Mensaje se repite en Español) I believe that one of the most important changes that could be instituted to bring about a profound positive change in our school system would be the changing of its physical organization. The model that we have used in our big cities for over a hundred years is based on a factory model of regimentation that has even been rejected by productive factories in the post-industrial period. Since W. Edward Deming changed the focus of Japanese factories from the "top-down" model they inherited from the Americans and the Europeans before them, the emphasis has been on work groups that set their own priorities in search of a better quality product and higher levels of production. In order to achieve this same goal with education in the LAUSD, I would change the organization and control of the school. For example, in the average high school which takes up a city block, I would no longer devote 50% of the physical plant to sports. According to Maslow's "hierarchy of needs," one never gets to a "need to know and understand" or "self-actualization needs" until the "physiological and safety needs" are satisfied. In the worst of the city schools that I have taught in, over 75% of the kids want to learn but are precluded from so doing by an unstable family life or the violence around them.


11 2010

The Case For Industrial Arts In LAUSD Is Stronger Than Ever

In the United States, the total capacity of all colleges and universities is only 40% of high school graduates. A relatively successful high school in LAUSD like Palisades Charter has only 30% of its graduates finishing a four-year college degree. It goes without saying that this rate is significantly lower in the vast majority of other LAUSD high schools. So why has LAUSD continued to tout going to college as the sole measure of success in high school?


01 2010