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Comprehensive Teacher Induction Study Reveals No Impact on Teacher Retention, Mixed Findings on Student Achievement

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(Mensaje se repite en EspaƱol) At the beginning of the Vietnam War Era I was going to school at UCLA where I had a professor named H. Arthur Steiner. He pointed out one day that although the United States had the greatest authorities on Southeast Asia, they were completely ignored in this country's formulation of policy and ultimately war in Southeast Asia. Because he had been a major in the Marine Corp with extensive experience in Asia, those in Washington thought he would tell them what they wanted to hear about the war they were getting into in Vietnam. When he explained that the Domino Theory as espoused by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and others was completely false, because it did not take into consideration the historic animosity between the Chinese and the Vietnamese, he was never called again. The same form of intransigent militant ignorance is true with those who have power in public education reform in the United States. At perdaily, we have often quoted Diane Ravitch, Charles Kerschner, Lois Weiner, and others who have a clear understanding and historical perspective as to what it would take to truly turn around public education, but those in control of policy continue to ignore their rational approach to fixing our public education system with the same militant ignorance of those in power during the Vietnam Era.