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LAUSD Is Not The ONLY PLAYER IN Public School Privatization & The War Against California Teachers - Fired CTC Staff Attorney Kathleen Carroll Speaks Out

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Pop some corn and have some friends over to the house to watch the following films noirs about the move to privatize public education and the blatant corruption that is being used to unjustly attack teacher in accomplishing it throughout this country. Special thanks to Steve Zeltzer and the Labor Video Project that produced these films.

California Teacher Credentialing Corruption Ignored In Favor Of Teacher Bashing (Corrupción Acreditación de Maestros de California ignoradas en favor de Maestro Bashing)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Kathleen Carroll was supposed to testify on Monday, May 9th before a committee of the California State Legislature looking into these allegations of impropriety at CTC about corruption within this agency, but when I turned on the coverage of the hearing by local Sacramento CBS affiliate channel 13 with the Internet link Ms. Carroll sent me, I couldn't believe my eyes at the distortion Sacramento CBS affiliate Channel 13 had the dishonesty to air as "news." What these disreputable "reporters" had done was front load the piece with a totally unrelated and unsubstantiated introduction about "bad teachers," who were accused of having shown "pornography to their students" or another teacher, who had "committed campus." The introduction went on further to talk about "thousands of teachers," that had done bad things, but which CTC had never even bothered to investigate. None of this had anything at all to do with Attorney Kathleen Carroll's testimony about CTC corruption within the CTC and had nothing to do with "bad" teachers, other than the fact that teachers had been denied due process in CTC's sloppy handling of files presented by districts like LAUSD's in their attempts to railroad these teachers out of the profession without cause or with highly suspect documentation of allegations that might justify removing a teacher's teaching credential and with it their livelihood..


05 2011