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Waiting for Superman: "Mild-Mannered" LAUSD Superintendent Cortines Has Never Aspired To Be Superman ("Afable" Cortines Superintendent LAUSD Nunca ha aspirado a ser Superman)

(en español después) On Monday night I went to the premiere of Waiting for Superman at Paramount Studios. Afterward I briefly talked with both Harlem Children's Zone Geoffrey Canada and the film's makers Davis Guggenheim and Lesley Chilcott at the reception following the screening. Apropos of being aware of my own lack of knowledge about public education reform on the macro American and multinational level, I keep coming back to the naive black and white polemics that seem to dominate the discussion of public education reform here in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Having been in the motion picture industry for many years prior to getting into education, I am well aware of how creativity can distort and manipulate emotions to justify something that in reality is quite different and maybe even reprehensible. I guess this is why I prefer the color gray which attempts to take the valid points from black and white positions to formulate a better and more comprehensive solution for what is wrong with public education. Of course, this tends to put me in the middle of a battlefield where I take fire from both sides, but that's maybe why I'm a teacher and maybe also a reason for teacher tenure as a necessary shield against the reprisals for telling the truth that I am presently being subjected to by LAUSD.


09 2010

Grandfather of Waiting for Superman - The Prequel - "Just the facts"

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(en español después) Davis Guggenheim and Lesley Chilcott's Waiting for Superman opens on Friday and perdaily will devote our post to reviewing it tomorrow. To bring the vast minions of perdaily readership up to speed on the film and the furor it is creating with my colleagues in education, I would like to give you a sneak preview today of some of the facts the film presents and/or spins as the case may be. As one of my childhood heros LAPD Sgt. Joe Friday as portrayed in the television series Dragnet used to say, "I am interested in the facts, just the facts:":