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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Michelle Rhee and her husband Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson appeared on Wednesday night at the R.F. Kennedy Learning Center. In this carefully orchestrated event Rhee gave a data rich presentation that clearly showed a public education in longstanding corruption and dysfunction. What was missing was any in depth understand of what caused this regrettable situation in the past and what continues to fuel its existence.


02 2012

Michelle Rhee, Human Beings, and Teachers

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Dear Michelle, In response to your video, I always become suspicious when somebody says, "Research shows" and then doesn't cite the research that supports firing more senior teachers in favor of new teachers- especially, since the academics I talk to like Professors Lois Weiner, Diane Ravitch, and others completely disagree with you and they are willing to cite data. Also, using a pejorative word like "antiquated" to describe "last hired, first fired," simplistically ignores at least the arguable logic that those who have done it longer tend to do it better. Would you like a first year resident operating on you or a 20 year veteran that has done the procedure hundreds of times. Implicit in your comments are the false belief that good and seasoned teachers are not professionals and can be replaced by novices whose idealism is equal to years of experience.


02 2011

Waiting for Superman: "Mild-Mannered" LAUSD Superintendent Cortines Has Never Aspired To Be Superman ("Afable" Cortines Superintendent LAUSD Nunca ha aspirado a ser Superman)

(en español después) On Monday night I went to the premiere of Waiting for Superman at Paramount Studios. Afterward I briefly talked with both Harlem Children's Zone Geoffrey Canada and the film's makers Davis Guggenheim and Lesley Chilcott at the reception following the screening. Apropos of being aware of my own lack of knowledge about public education reform on the macro American and multinational level, I keep coming back to the naive black and white polemics that seem to dominate the discussion of public education reform here in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Having been in the motion picture industry for many years prior to getting into education, I am well aware of how creativity can distort and manipulate emotions to justify something that in reality is quite different and maybe even reprehensible. I guess this is why I prefer the color gray which attempts to take the valid points from black and white positions to formulate a better and more comprehensive solution for what is wrong with public education. Of course, this tends to put me in the middle of a battlefield where I take fire from both sides, but that's maybe why I'm a teacher and maybe also a reason for teacher tenure as a necessary shield against the reprisals for telling the truth that I am presently being subjected to by LAUSD.

Rhee(constitution) In D.C - Harbinger Of Things To Come In LAUSD

The reconstitution of a school by making teachers reapply for their jobs or by replacing administrators is to education reform what blood letting is to good health. For the most part, it is not who is doing the teaching of administrating, but rather what they are administering. If I had a mechanically perfect car, but decided to put polluted old gasoline in it as its source of energy, I would have performance problems no matter how many parts on the car I decided to change.


06 2010