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WHY LAUSD's DEASY RECONSTITUTES ALL OF MIRAMONTE ELEMENTARY- A HARBINGER OF THINGS TO COME By Mark Hemphill (¿POR QUÉ DEASY LAUSD reconstituye TODOS Primaria Miramonte-un presagio de cosas por venir?)

(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Long about the end of today, the staff at Miramonte Elementary School should have finished packing up their belongings in preparation to be moved to another school. A school with no students enrolled. This is part of what LAUSD has described as an "unprecedented" action to solve for the well publicized crisis at Miramonte. The original staff will be replaced with teachers who have fallen victim to the district's Reduction In Force of last year. As you might guess, this was a tearful emotional event. Some of the teachers had been there for years if not decades. But they weren't the only ones crying. There were parents and students who lamented over why they should lose their longtime teachers over the acts of a few disturbed individuals. Nevertheless, this was the best the rather unimaginative and ill equipped superintendent, John Deasy, could do. He obviously wants to put this behind him ASAP no matter what impact it has on the staff or on what light they'll be cast. Main thing is to offset his administration's blatant lack of due diligence and supervision in this matter and others like it around the district. It's hard to do the job you should have been doing when you were too busy harassing good teachers out of the profession for standing against their own longstanding LAUSD corruption.


02 2012