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Public Education's Forgotten Excellence

In the Professor Stanley Fish's New York Times blog today entitled A Classic Education: Back to the Future, Professor Fish reminisces about Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island where he went over 55 years ago. The academic rigor he describes from that time seems much further removed than its actual 55 years, when juxtaposed with an LAUSD of today which doesn't see this level of academic excellence as even a possible goal in anything but rhetoric. Much like LAUSD of today, Classical High was "A student body made up of the children of immigrants or first generation Americans; many, like [Professor Fish], the first in their families to finish high school with nearly a 100 percent college attendance rate."

The latest accessory for hedge funders: Charter schools

Rough economy holdin' you down? Tired of taxes, taxes, taxes? Start a charity or charter school -- it really works! That's what partners at Gotham Capital did, along with a number of other hedge fund managers and analysts. They even joined something called the "Success Charter Network" (so you know it's good). And while "real" public schools were facing massive layoffs, they're now hiring! Jim Horn at schoolmatters wonders aloud if giant tax credits, lucrative land deals and all-you-can-eat bond bundles have anything to do with the sudden interest in education.


12 2009