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You Should Help Us... Help You (Which Helps Us)

Let me brag for a second... it was a little over three months ago that Lenny and I launched perdaily. Did I mention we have had no idea what we were doing? Fast-forward from December to now and it's incredible to think we started out with just three or four visitors -- mostly sympathetic family and friends -- and now we're averaging anywhere from 200-400 people a day. We could do even better though, we just need YOU to tell us how!


02 2010

The Friday Mailbag: A Sampling Of This Week's Email

Every Friday (starting now) I'll open the mailbag up and give readers the chance to have their thoughts, suggestions and/or well-written responses posted for all to debate. The emails we receive are posted almost word for word (minus most typos). Long story short, don't go blaming us if/when you angrily disagree. Read our mail...


02 2010