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The Cozy Relationship of UTLA and LAUSD (La íntima relación de UTLA y el LAUSD) by John Adams

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) In his disability retirement and final escape from LAUSD and UTLA's ability to retaliate against him, recently retired teacher John Adams has finally shared one of his experiences dealing with the Duplicitous Duo. For those of you who either don't think you can wait to retire to speak out or think that if you wait that long there will not be a teaching profession to retire from, I strongly suggest that you get an anonymous gmail or AOL account and share your outrage with Perdaily. It is the best weapon you have to avoid the further dismantling of public education. Four million teachers, their families, and supporters in this country know a better alternative and just need to express it. Or you could continue to let the minority blame you for their incompetence. The Perdaily articles dealing with teacher retaliation, and UTLA aquiescence of such retaliation are District-wide. Any campus where there are incompetent administrators who feel beholden to LAUSD for a job and salary they would not be able to find elsewhere given their own mediocre education. My experiences of LAUSD Administrative retaliation, and UTLA support of LAUSD retaliation, mirror those posted and commented about on Perdaily.
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10 2010