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If The Epic Scale of LAUSD Incompetence Is Too Much For You, Try Palisades Charter High School (Si la escala épica de la incompetencia del LAUSD es demasiado para usted, trate de Palisades Charter High School)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) In trying to understand how the magnitude of such complete and utter gross incompetence or just plain old fashion corruption can go on for so many years at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) without anybody in a position of government authority taking action to stop it, it occurred to me that maybe the shear magnitude of the stupidity might have made it difficult for the average person to get their mind around it, especially if their own public school education taught them to follow orders and avoid critical thought whenever possible.. So lets look at a another more comprehensible mini-LAUSDesque boondoggle that recently occurred at Palisades Charter High School, where the same type of downright militantly ignorant actions of their board voted to not offer long term administrator Ann Davenport a renewal of her contract, even though she has always had excellent performance evaluations and the support of the faculty, while representing the greatest continuity and institutional knowledge that has not as of yet been driven from the school.


06 2011

Palisades Charter Hyph School- A Microcosm of LAUSD's Master Plan (Part 2) - La Escuela De Palisades Charter "Hype" El Microcosmos del Plan Maestro de LAUSD (Part 2)

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(en español después) Charters don't result in better conditions for students. Class size rose when PCHS became a charter, and crowded conditions are detrimental for everyone. But the math said more students = more money so the board brought on the crowds. At first LAUSD had a hand in some of the increase in student numbers, but not anymore. Students who did well on CST's managed the larger class sizes, but students who needed extra help and attention slipped even more. This didn't worry the Pali Family because "THOSE KIDS" were counseled to leave - not better conditions at all if you're a student who needs the alleged superior environment offered by a charter, rather than one who would have done well anyway. Last year's API scores tell this story very well. Charters don't result in better conditions for teachers. Refer to competition destroying collaboration at Pali below. That was bad enough, but there has been higher teacher turnover at Pali since independent status than ever before. Teachers have bigger classes, and ROP teachers carry seven classes without extra pay. Teachers are routinely hassled if they're not in cahoots with the board, and committees that were supposed to empower teachers have been relegated to toothless advisory groups whose recommendations are routinely ignored. The board still does exactly as it pleases.


10 2010

Palisades Charter Hyph School- A Microcosm of LAUSD's Master Plan (Part 1) - La Escuela de Palisades Charter Hyph un microcosmos del Plan Maestro del LAUSD (Parte 1)

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(en español después) Charters don't serve students from all populations, or academic and socioeconomic levels. Best practices meant, and I often heard pro-charter employees say, "If THOSE KIDS can't hack it they can leave." "THOSE KIDS can go back to their home school." Excuse me? Those kids are the reason charters were invented. Those kids with less money, darker skin, fewer advantages, more behavior issues and problems, and yes, lower CST scores. Pali historically had wealthier white students until busing added less advantaged students to the mix. Pacific Palisades has wanted its "neighborhood school" back ever since. In 2003 Pali was slightly more than 30% White, slightly less than 30% each Black and Hispanic, with the remaining 10% comprised of Asian, Native American and Pacific Islander. Accusations of racism and elitism forced the school to write this racial balance into its first charter petition, promising that demographics would reflect LAUSD's community at large. Now demographics are 47% white, 18% black, 24% Hispanic and the rest Asian/Native American/Pacific Islander. 21% are economically disadvantaged. Not a reflection of LAUSD's demographics. Not even close. The original demand for equity has been abandoned.


10 2010