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My Principal Janet Seary: "This Is War...I Like War" (Read Our Emails)

Via Lenny: About 2 years ago, I applied for an out-of-classroom position at Central High School, which required a cleared teaching credential and tenure with LAUSD. Nonetheless, my Principal Janet Seary gave this position to Nestor Albert Vargas, who at the time of his appointment had only an expired emergency credential, which only allowed him to work as a substitute. Because I didn't accept this unjust action in clear violation of the LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement and subsequently filed a PERB action against my principal and LAUSD for allowing it to take place, all hell broke loose.


02 2010

MAIL: Principal Knows Best

A faculty member (from an unnamed school) writes in with this account of a principal who felt a pricey reading coach was needed for the upcoming school year. Just about the entire staff showed up to oppose the budget, as they felt literacy coaches hadn't worked in the past, and they simply didn't have the money to waste...


01 2010

Why I'm not qualified to be a principal

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The first step to becoming an LAUSD principal is understanding how the administration works, or doesn't work. The administration is a closed bureaucracy that spares no expense in stifling reform it sees as threatening its privileged position. In order to accomplish this dubious end, school administrators establish many prerequisites of questionable significance in determining who will be allowed to join their ranks.
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12 2009