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CSU needs quarter for payphone

Well this is sad. CSU Long Beach is looking to save money by shutting off phone service -- I repeat -- phone service. Phones and lights are now a luxury amidst the massive cuts in UC and CSU budgets. With so many schools looking to close the gap, budget committees are being forced to get very creative. Furloughs, layoffs, trimming programs, raising tuition or simply begging for donations. CSULB President F. King Alexander says in 2001 California covered 50% of his school's budget. Now? Somewhere near 30%. Side note: California prison budget = $15.4 billion, education budget = $15.3 billion. The CSU President remains confident, however, as the multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art Spare Change and Advanced Beggar Training Facility was built to cope for just such emergencies.


12 2009