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Are You Able And Willing To LEARN Why LAUSD Does Not Work? (¿Es usted capaz y dispuesto a aprender ¿Por qué el LAUSD no funciona?)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) While the mainstream media is willing to continue irrationally vilifying teachers for what is wrong in public education and continuing to ignore the proverbial 850 lb. gorilla of LAUSD administrative incompetence and corruption that really has always had the power to bring about change, but consciously chooses not to, I am not. Clearly the not-so-clever folks running LAUSD who continue to run public education into the ground for their own benefit and that of their corporate patrons, who seek the privatization and monetization of public education, could not do so unless they got some help from respected academics, politicians, and others whose judgment might just be colored by their own egos and financial self-interest. Case in point, I just got off the phone with Professor William Ouchi from UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management, who not only was the chairman of LEARN (Los Angeles Educational Alliance for Restructuring Now) back in May 1999, but wrote an article entitled Education Reform Lessons from the Trenches, where he sings the praises of this now destroyed public education reform program that was designed to "increase accountability and strengthen reading instruction."


05 2011