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The LAUSD Borg: Where There's Smoke There's A Liar

The Borg.jpeg
(en español después) There's a great collateral benefit for the LAUSD Borg (Star Trek reference to humanoid interconnected collective the decisions of which are made by a hive mind mentality) that has run LAUSD's purposefully failed public education system generation after generation. The LAUSD Borg thinks that Angelenos no longer have the ability to defend ourselves intellectually. While it is true that the majority of teachers seem to have accepted the LAUSD Borg juggernaut against which "resistance is futile," some Neo-like educators have shown a surprising resistance to the mind-numbing drone of the LAUSD Borg that has subjected them to years of meaningless faculty meetings and staff developments that never seem to go anywhere except further and further into uncharted space in a carefully designed process that either induces early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or qualifies you to move higher up in the LAUSD Borg administration.


10 2010