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LAUSD Needs to Know "What Teachers Make" Video by Taylor Mali (LAUSD debe saber "Lo que los maestros hacer" Vídeo de Malí Taylor)

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(Mensaje se repite en Espanol) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Often when people find out that I went to law school, they look at me rather quizzically and in disbelief and ask, "Why would you want to be a teacher?" Something I take the humorous approach and respond by saying, "California doesn't need another Jewish attorney." At other times when I reflect on what this means in terms of the value our society gives to teachers, I am saddened by a materialism that thinks it can define success by how much money you make. I just celebrated my 64th birthday last Friday and although it will probably get me labeled un-American, probably the least important thing to me at this point in my life is making more money - although I plan on pursuing the salary and benefits that LAUSD has taken from me by removing me from teaching on trumped up charges.


04 2011