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Check out what follows as a clear explanation of how the fix is in with public education at the Los Angeles Unified School District and elsewhere throughout this country in the move to privatize public education. See what mainstream media blacks out and what should be part of the discussion on real public education reform.


08 2011

LAUSD and Superintendent Deasy- Listen to Diane Ravitch

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LAUSD and Superintendent John Deasy should listen to Diane Ravitch and the majority in this putative democracy that want the excellent public education that LAUSD has stood against for generations. The Gates Foundation and the Broad Foundation want to privatize public education and if successful will condemn our democracy to the junk heap of history if they are successful in taking education away from "We the people," who have to be educated in order to function as the arbiters of power that keeps politicians and their corporate masters in check.


08 2011

The Gates Foundation and The Broad Foundation: Militant Reformers of LAUSD and Public Education or Militantly Ignorant(La Fundación Gates y la Fundación Broad: Reformas militante de Educación del LAUSD y público o militante Ignorante)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Several years ago, Patti Stonesifer the president of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was speaking at the Los Angeles Central Library about the Gates Foundation's using its vast wealth in addressing the deplorable state of American public education. In attendance were LAUSD Board Member Marlene Canter, Steve Barr of Green Dot Schools, and many other movers and shakers in public education, who had come to pay homage to the power that Ms. Stonesifer personified. At some point while I was sitting there, it dawned on me that Ms. Stonesifer, although she seemed very bright and had a personal fortune of over $350 million made working for Microsoft, was really in no better position to fix public education than I was. In fact, I actually might stand a better chance of succeeding than she did, because of what I knew from being on the inside as a teacher that she and the other people of good will present that evening did not know: After all, there point of entry into the public education reform arena was through the same corrupt and self-serving bureaucracy that was responsible for the long term and premeditated destruction of public education in the first place, which was not likely to give them anything but a distorted picture of what was really going on.


01 2011