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UTLA Makes Dysfunctional LAUSD Possible: A Landmark Year For Union Election Corruption by Mark Hemphill (UTLA hace disfuncional LAUSD posibles: un año clave para la Corrupción Electoral del Sindicado por Mark Hemphill)

(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) (As I get read to post this 3rd article in a series about corruption at UTLA by Mark Hemphill at perdaily, the UTLA election results are in and Warren Fletcher has been elected president with David Lyell as Secretary. While Fletcher was able to take the top spot at the union, he did not carry all of his slate. Given the low turn out in the run-off, allegations of gross irregularities, and general teacher apathy, Fletcher does not have much time to posit a clear and specific plan to rally support from rank and file, before UTLA is made irrelevant by the incessant outrageous actions by LAUSD that have gone unanswered by A.J. Duffy and the exiting cabal that have continued to run things at UTLA into the ground. Whatever you thoughts are at this time, the least effect thing that teachers and other LAUSD employees can do is to continue to fight among ourselves instead of coming together behind Warren to keep him focused on what needs to be done for us to become a force to be reckoned with as the silenced majority at LAUSD - majority needs to rule. Notice that the minority who continue to run things at LAUSD still face no consequences for their dishonesty. Any teacher can tell you what happens in a classroom when there are no consequences and clearly the same is true for LAUSD administration - care to give them consequences? Warren deserves at least a chance to see if he represents anything other than the same capitulation to LAUSD that has gone on for the last 4 administrations of UTLA. Clearly, whether you choose to accept it or not, Warren will either reestablish a fair balance of collective bargaining with LAUSD or he just might be the last president of this union)


03 2011


(For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) (This post keeps getting more and more surreal as the day goes on in terms as to what LAUSD and UTLA can do without due process of law or maintaining even basic civil rights having to do with the property rights involved in employment. I just received the following email from Tara Thomas at UTLA) "Thank you, I received your email. You didn't receive a ballot this time around because the eligibility is based upon paying Union dues as of February 4th payroll. Our records indicate that you have not paid union dues since December 2010. You are on Inactive status at this time. In Unity, Tara R Thomas UTLA Business Office Phone 213-637-5165  fax 213-368-6231" So it seems that all LAUSD would have to do to eliminate UTLA as a union is to put us all on unpaid administrative leave in complete derogation of the LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement and applicable law, because by so doing, teachers - according to Tara Thomas of UTLA - would lose their right to vote at UTLA in any attempt to confront LAUSD corruption in the illegal dismissal of teachers or UTLA complicit in these illegal actions. So what happened to the legal presumption of being innocent until shown guilty by a preponderance of the evidence with the burden of so proving on the alleging party???


03 2011

UTLA Election Fraud?- You Can't Have A Corrupt LAUSD Without A Little Help From UTLA(No se puede tener un LAUSD corruptos, sin un poco de ayuda de UTLA)

Election Fraud.jpeg
(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) As of this writing, I have received no ballot and was wondering how many of you are in the same situation, which seems designed to maintain the same cabal of Duffyesque control at UTLA in the person of Julie Washington et al, who Duffy has taken every opportunity to push to the rank and file, while denying other candidates and slates equal access. Today at perdaily, we received allegations that there was "beginning to emerge election mail tampering, possible fraud with packets of opposition candidate flyers, supposedly mailed out, by firm hired by UTLA." In addition, we receive other claims that "many dues payers received packets of candidate flyers only AFTER they voted!" What further added to what is more and more seeming like a concerted effort to thwart Opposition candidates and an honest election is that the, "Flyers were also either double stuffed or sent on duplicate packets so even more dues payers got NO flyers of some opposition candidates at all with their packets."


02 2011

Teachers: You Will Never Change LAUSD Until You Change UTLA - Voter Guide

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(For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) The following candidates are not together on a slate, but represent the best voices in UTLA to bring much needed change to our union. Only 20% of all members vote. So even if you do not vote for any of these candidates, please vote! Part of the reason we get kicked around so much by the school district is because we are not actively involved, and we do not make our voices heard in elections. Officers: President: Warren Fletcher NEA Vice President: M.J. Roberts AFT Vice President: John Cromshow Elementary Vice President Juan Ramirez Secondary Vice President: Frances M. Copeland Treasurer: Scott Johnson Secretary: David Lyell Board of Directors: NEA Central Area: Catherine R. Proctor NEA Valley East Area: Erika Jones AFT Valley East Area: Lisa Karahalios NEA Valley West: Colleen Schwab NEA Harbor Area: Haidee Fierrro, Elgin Scott, Aaron Bruhnke, Candidate for Special Education: Tim Delia Candidate for Substitutes: Dave Peters If you do not receive a ballot in the next few days, please call and/or email Tara Thomas at UTLA to request a ballot. You can reach Tara at: 213.637.5165


02 2011