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UTLA Acquired Independence Deficiency Contracted From LAUSD ( UTLA Deficiencia Adquirida Independencia contratados de LAUSD)

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(Mensaje se repite en EspaƱol) UTLA is designed to fail, because it sees itself as subservient or at the very least deferential to LAUSD. If you know that LAUSD is a failed culture, any organization like UTLA which only reacts and never posits its own definition of what professional teachers should stand for is doom to failure along with LAUSD, because it has no specific program around which it can organize its rank and file. Is there any wonder that most teachers are profoundly apathetic or depressed? Without a proactive approach, Superintendent Cortines or his successors will never respect UTLA President A.J. Duffy (nor were his predecessors John Perez or Day Higuchi respected). They have all had the same motto, "Let's see what the District says." Do any of you think Julie Washington is going to be any different if she is elected to replace Duffy? Don't get me wrong, I don't blame any of them. It's just impossible for this union to reach its potential as a good advocate for the teachers in this passive position. :It takes $57 a month from us to talk in the same generalized platitude we are all too familiar with from staff development, which also never gets implemented.


10 2010