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LAUSD- The Bloodletting Continues (LAUSD-continúa el derramamiento de sangre)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) There was a time when doctors believed that bad blood made people sick and that all you needed to do was let out some of the bad blood and the patient would get well. At some point after many years of using this technique, somebody finally took notice of the fact that an inordinate number of patients were dying and that the ones who were getting well were doing so in spite of this ill-advised treatment. Finally, members of the medical profession stopped bleeding people. Alas, it seems that although clear and unequivocal evidence shows that value added assessment has at least a 43-45% margin of error, according to academics like Professor Diane Ravitch of New York University and others according to all relevant data on the subject, militantly ignorant people in administration at LAUSD and the lemming reporters at the L.A. Times and other mainstream media outlets of print and electronic media around the country continue to follow LAUSD over the cliff in trying to lay their own blame on teachers whose blood they have no problem in continuing to let.


05 2011

LAUSD Is Deaf to Ravitch: 'A moment of national insanity' by Valerie Strauss (LAUSD es sorda a Ravitch: 'Un momento de locura nacional por Valerie Strauss)

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) I thought the following article from the Washington Post was well worth your reading. Please share it with as many of your friends as possible. It is clear that we are the silenced majority, who are finally starting to connect on the Internet to overcome the longstanding blackout in the corporate controlled mainstream media. In a country where over 90% of Americans get their only information about what is going on from the local "news," we must take education to the Internet to escape the intellectual ghetto we presently find ourselves in and raise the awareness of this country as to what is really going in in public education and elsewhere, before the American version of Mubarak or Gaddafi winds up in power...if that hasn't already taken place.


03 2011