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The latest accessory for hedge funders: Charter schools

Rough economy holdin' you down? Tired of taxes, taxes, taxes? Start a charity or charter school -- it really works! That's what partners at Gotham Capital did, along with a number of other hedge fund managers and analysts. They even joined something called the "Success Charter Network" (so you know it's good). And while "real" public schools were facing massive layoffs, they're now hiring! Jim Horn at schoolmatters wonders aloud if giant tax credits, lucrative land deals and all-you-can-eat bond bundles have anything to do with the sudden interest in education.


12 2009

ODD COUPLE: Arne Duncan and his strange friend at Save-a-Life

Sec. of Education Arne Duncan was chummy with some interesting people back in the day. Are you a convicted shoplifter? Make believe nurse? Diagnosed Schizo and pathological liar? Did Arne Duncan give you $60,000 for nothing? Why, then you must be Carol J. Spizzirri, head of Save-a-Life Foundation (!)


12 2009