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Teacher Rene Diedrich Adds Her Voice To Mine. Will You? (Maestro René Diedrich añade su voz a la mía. ¿Lo harás?)

(en español después) The following is an email I received from Rene Diedrich begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, a fellow teacher under attack for exhibiting the uncompromising values of what should be rewarded as a good teacher. It is my belief that LAUSD administration seeks to marginalize teachers like us and the somewhere between 80 and 200 teacher who share our fate, because LAUSD is incapable of reforming its clearly failed practices and, therefore, must kill the messenger. It is my belief that even if a fraction of teachers had the motivation to speak about what they are subjected to on a daily basis, LAUSD would come crumbling down, since there is nothing but fear holding it up. You are the majority who can turn things around if you finally speak out either in your own name or anonymously. If not, don't blame anybody else when your union disappears and you no longer have a job as a profession and fairly compensated teacher doing one of the hardest jobs that this country has to offer. I'm waiting on you.


10 2010